One Wet Day

It had been raining, but seemed to move out of our area after dropping 3 inches of rain. As it began to clear we saw a beautiful sunrise.   We decided to take a ride up North toward Paradise Road.  A beautiful road, with daisies and flowers growing in the road ditches.




Well, we found the rain in the North and picture taking was out of the question; for quite some time.  In fact, seeing where we were going was quite a feat.


But . . .  After the rain began to fall less and less, we saw the most colorful and beautiful rainbow we had seen in a long time.



The clouds were so white and fluffy in the sky as we drove along.


This is the stretch of road near our house.  On the left side of the highway, among the big trees in the center of this picture is Home Sweet Home.  What a glorious day to be out in nature. Despite the rain, it was a relaxing and enjoyable ride.




Rain and Fog

In a 24 hour period we received 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.  Needless to say – I sank in the mud a few times as I ventured around the yard; capturing raindrops on flowers and objects.  The fog has been terrible for 2 days – which always happens when it rains in our area.  Mother Nature thinks it is Spring in this area, because every fruit tree is in bloom.

This bloom is from our peach tree.  Love the pink color that is covered in rain drops.


The following is from our plum trees and we have many plum trees (too many).


It is hard to see too far down the road with visibility so impaired due to fog.img_7794

The rain seemed to be coming down so fast and heavy – no one wanted to go outside.


The following is a bloom from the pear tree that stands near the back of our 3 acre yard.


The blackberry vines are putting on leaves.



We have small streams at the front and back of our property and they were moving swiftly and making a lot of noise.


I will leave you with one more pretty peach blossom and a photo of apple blossoms .I took the photo of the apple blossoms last Spring.