Responses Of The Heart

hearts (2)

Be content and delight in life – Do what makes one’s heart feel good.

Do not nurse your troubles – Do not eat your heart out.

Be calmed and at peace – Set your heart at rest.

Do not grieve too long – Never let life break your heart.

Evaluate yourself with deep honesty – From the bottom of your heart.

Hit reverse when things go wrong – Have a change of heart.

Respond to the things you cherish – Take them to heart.

If you feel compassion – You wear your heart on your sleeve.

What you need and desire – You can always set your heart on.

If you are kind – You will be known to have a heart.

Love others with – All your heart.

If you love another – You may lose your heart.

If you help others – You are a person after one’s own heart.

Your heart’s responses will show – You truly lived by heart.

Have A Good Day

IMG_2675 (2)

Have a good day

furthermore I will say

disregard yesterday’s sorrows

do not be anxious about tomorrows

just aspire to do your best

then all your todays will be blessed

IMG_2665 (3)

I have decided when I tell someone to have a good day – it will be said with sincerity.

IMG_2976 (2)

I will truly hope and pray that person has a great and productive day of enjoyment.

IMG_2029 (2)

I will let my body language and tone of voice project how compassionate I feel.

IMG_2390 (3)

Pretentious behavior can be felt so – I will try to project love and kindness.

IMG_2399 (3)

I will do the best I can to follow the commandments that God has given us in the Bible.

IMG_2472 (4)

So to all of my blogger friends  – Truly – Have A Good Day!  ♥♥



Our Feathered Friends

I love to watch and then photograph our feathered friends that fill our days with enjoyment.  The rain has not stopped, nor hampered the activities of these little creatures that grace our lives each day.

I think this Bluebird and this Mocking Bird thought sitting on my lawn swing under the apple trees would keep the rain from soaking their feathers. Alas, this did not help.

IMG_8587 (2)

IMG_8518 (2)

This Blackbird was actually taking a bath in the mud puddle in my garden.  This is not the best picture in the world, because he would just not stand still and pose for me.

IMG_8524 (2)

This baby Wren was a little smarter than the birds above – he waited for a sunny day to venture out into the world.  He sat on this small metal tube for quite some time as he waited for his parents to feed him.

IMG_8895 (2)

For a long time I have watched this lone duck search around the pond for his lost mate.  I know either a coyote or some other animal must have killed her while she was on her nest.  I felt sorry for this male duck as he frantically ran through the grass calling for his mate.

IMG_8758 (2)

When a few Canadian Geese venture to the area around the pond this duck starts making shrill noises and runs out to greet them.  He is seeking any kind of companionship.  The geese simply chose to ignore him, but he is unaware that they are shunning his friendship.

IMG_9209 (2)

There is a lesson in this encounter of the duck and goose.  We often shun those who we do not wish to associate with.  When we see a lonely person – a person who needs a friend – why not try to be that friend.  We moved very often when I was a child and I know how hard it is to fit in – in a new town and new environment. In each new school  I made friends with those that I could tell needed a friend.  I guess you might have called me and my new friends – Nerds.  But my new friends were some of the best people I have encountered in my life.  I am sure you will agree – God wants us to show kindness and compassion for all the people we encounter in our daily lives.