Clutter / De-clutter

This U.S. election has stressed me.  So, the day before we learn who our next president will be  – I decided to do something I truly love to do.  I started to de-clutter my house and my mind.  I do this often during the year and I am afraid I have passed this trait onto my daughter.  My daughter’s husband and daughter complain that she has lost her mind when she begins to de-clutter her house.  Lol  What does my husband do?  He comments loudly if he finds me in his bedroom or in his shop.  He acts like I would throw something of his away; just because he is a pack rat.  In 2 hours time I managed to fill the boxes in the photo below. I picked up free, empty boxes at Wal Mart this morning.  Donations for local charities. Am I done yet?  Not by a long shot! Lol  I must have lost my mind too – maybe I packed it in one of these boxes.

Quote: Everything we possess that is not necessary for life or happiness becomes a burden, and scarcely a day passes that we do not add to it,  Robert Brault