Predictions for 2020

I must admit when I looked up past predictions for 2020 – I found some that made me laugh.

In 1966 Arthur C. Clark who co-wrote the screenplay for 2001: “Space Odyssey”- believed that in 2020 houses would be able to fly and relocate anywhere in the world.  Without any help from you – your house could fly South for the winter – while you were asleep.


In 1900 John Elfreth Watkins Jr. -Ladies Home Journal – believed that C, X. and Q could be deleted from the alphabet.  They were unnecessary letters.  We would begin to spell by sound and use condensed words.  2020 – “Me happy, good, hi!”

1966 – Time Magazine – Mail would be delivered by rockets in 2020.

1950 – In 2020 Women would all be built like wrestlers. (I am too old to try this!)

1939 – Antenna hats and disposable socks for everyone in 2020.

1911 – Everything will be made of steel in 2020 – including baby cradles.

1913 – Everyone will be vegetarians in 2020.  (Not Me!)

1997 – Humans will arrive on Mars.  (Not Me – I have motion sickness!)

1966 – Time Magazine – No one works in 2020 and we will all be rich.  Total robot work force. (Yes!!!)

1994 – Rand Corp. – Animal employees in 2020.  That shoots the prediction above. Train Apes as chauffeurs to drive us around, garden for us, and to be housekeepers.  (Gotta see this!)

1950 – Robot Therapists? (Only as smart as the person who programmed them!)

I predict that we will all get a good laugh about the predictions from the past. May your year of 2020 be happy and productive.



27 thoughts on “Predictions for 2020

  1. It seems like, on the whole, many things just don’t change all that much. For all the possibilities that high tech make possible, people still need/want to live in a high touch, comfortably down to earth world!

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  2. Oh what fun reading those predictions! And here we are, just going like normal with cell phones in our pocket and computers on our desks! But we still have our human hearts and continue on with our daily tasks.

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    1. Had one prediction I did not include. In 1911 at the Royal College of Surgeons in England – a surgeon named Richard Clement Lucas made a prediction: We will use our smaller toes less and less and we will have one large toe on our foot. Ha (Less nails to trim)

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  3. Big smiles Peggy, its a good thing we don’t all believe everything we hear lol..
    I trust you had a lovely Christmas Peggy with your beautiful family.. Ours was lovely with family visiting and us going to them…
    And believe it or not the SUN is shining here today, a rare sight these days with the clouds and rain..
    But it brings on that feel good factor that we have Spring to look forward too in the not to distant future..
    And planting time will begin all over again 🙂
    Have a Wonderful 2020 Peggy.. Sending you loads of love, good health wishes and tons of Peaceful thoughts..
    This year may see me quieter in blog land, I don’t know yet, I am still pondering on my blog’s direction… But you know me…. I just follow the Flow…
    Sending You Huge Hugs my friend.. Thank you for your valued friendship and support dear Peggy.. It means a lot..
    Take care of you and Enjoy each and every moment of Now… We have to make the most of Now..
    Lots of love..
    Sue and Hubby from the plot… 😉
    Much love ❤

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    1. I have thought of backing off on blogging – from once a week to perhaps every other week or once a month. Think it is much more important to live one’s life. Christmas was great at my daughter’s house. I wish 2020 to be great for you and your hubby and for me and my hubby. Love you Sue – my good friend in a far away country. He He Hugs. Take care of Yourself. Catch you later.

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      1. So happy you enjoyed your Holiday with your daughter… 🙂 and yes.. Lots of rewarding time to be spent with family.. But I so love my WordPress family too Peggy, and you also my friend are very dear to me…
        Look after yourself also… Big Hugs.. and enjoy your weekend.. ❤

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