Is That Me?

I went to renew my driver’s license.  It’s not my fault that no one can recognize me by this photo on my new driver’s license.  The clerk said sit, do not smile, look at the lens here and then a bright light produced a click (this is a clerk you do not argue with) .  She never  told me the wind had made a mess of my hair (but no one can tell).  It took 5 minutes of noise and whining by the machine to spit out my (perfect) new driver’s license.  I had paid my fee – so I took what the clerk handed me.  Anyone can use my new license for an ID – cause it doesn’t look like me. The limerick below is perfect – it describes me to a T!

blurry driver license

(My driver’s license is not quite as blurry as this, you can read all the words and numbers.)

Limerick by Anthony Euwer

For beauty I am not a star,

There are others more handsome by far;

But my face I don’t mind it,

For I am behind it.

It’s the people in front that I jar.

27 thoughts on “Is That Me?

  1. Oh, those ID photos are always weird, aren’t they? The last time I got my photo driver’s license though, the clerk let me look at my picture and asked me if it was okay before she printed it. I must have lucked out that day and got a nice clerk!

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    1. Wow – a nice clerk – that would be a great change. A few times I have gone to another town nearby to get my license so I would not have to deal with our cranky clerk. It does not hurt a person to be nice. Thanks for your comments.

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  2. Hahah love the limerick and if it’s any consolation, my licence looks awful too. I’ve never come across anyone who’s liked their driving licence photo, come to think of it. My first one was an awful photo but it looked like me and the photo I sent in. When I renewed it the other year the photo started off awful (I’m sure I have a droopy face and one eyelid far bigger than the other, very odd) but they’ve totally washed out the image so you can barely see it let alone tell who it is on the card. As for the clerk, some people are just rude. At least you only have to deal with them briefly. Imagine living life that cranky! Being kind doesn’t cost a thing! xx

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  3. Big smiles Peggy, If you saw my passport photo you wouldn’t recognise me either.. I was told I couldn’t wear my glasses even to have it taken this time around ( which was three yrs ago now when it was renewed) I had a bad hair day too 😉
    Laughed at the limerick .. 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean Peggy, We are a little younger, hubby is 72 and I am seven years younger, We still think we are Spring chickens inside lol… Though our photos do not lie haha… But we keep smiling that is the main thing..
        Happy Holidays Peggy,, ❤

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