Responses Of The Heart

hearts (2)

Be content and delight in life – Do what makes one’s heart feel good.

Do not nurse your troubles – Do not eat your heart out.

Be calmed and at peace – Set your heart at rest.

Do not grieve too long – Never let life break your heart.

Evaluate yourself with deep honesty – From the bottom of your heart.

Hit reverse when things go wrong – Have a change of heart.

Respond to the things you cherish – Take them to heart.

If you feel compassion – You wear your heart on your sleeve.

What you need and desire – You can always set your heart on.

If you are kind – You will be known to have a heart.

Love others with – All your heart.

If you love another – You may lose your heart.

If you help others – You are a person after one’s own heart.

Your heart’s responses will show – You truly lived by heart.

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