Have A Good Day

IMG_2675 (2)

Have a good day

furthermore I will say

disregard yesterday’s sorrows

do not be anxious about tomorrows

just aspire to do your best

then all your todays will be blessed

IMG_2665 (3)

I have decided when I tell someone to have a good day – it will be said with sincerity.

IMG_2976 (2)

I will truly hope and pray that person has a great and productive day of enjoyment.

IMG_2029 (2)

I will let my body language and tone of voice project how compassionate I feel.

IMG_2390 (3)

Pretentious behavior can be felt so – I will try to project love and kindness.

IMG_2399 (3)

I will do the best I can to follow the commandments that God has given us in the Bible.

IMG_2472 (4)

So to all of my blogger friends  – Truly – Have A Good Day!  ♥♥



22 thoughts on “Have A Good Day

  1. Bless you Peggy, I feel your sincerity in all you ever write my friend, You share your heart in your words my friend and today is a good day because you are in it.. And I mean that too..
    Loved the photos.. You know Nature is magnificent in all her glory of colour and light…
    And you dear Peggy share that love of nature in every photo, and in every poem..
    Love and Blessings dear friend..
    And good to be back in WP for a while, and to read the love you share.. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When the people in this world learn to show love with sincerity – this world will BE a better place. Thank you for all your kind, nice comments Sue. I understand each time you take a break from WP and find your inner peace my friend. Love and hugs to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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