Bear With Me

If you decide to cut down some of the trees in your yard – you might use your chain saw and turn the entire trunk of the tree into art.  This gentleman who lives in the country just above us – did just that.

IMG_8146 (2)

IMG_8149 (2)

IMG_8151 (2)

19 thoughts on “Bear With Me

  1. Excellent! We are having a tree removed in a few weeks, and I’ve asked them to remove the branches and then top it at about 12 or 15 feet. Once the tree drys, I’ll hire someone to come and carve something – I am sure not up to using a chainsaw!

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    1. Thanks. I pray for the soul of the lady who did such wrong to my brother. Material things in this world do not matter – God says to turn the other cheek when someone wrongs you and I am trying to do that. It just saddens me what some people do to those that cannot defend themselves. Love to you and good wishes that your book will someday be published.

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