The Lone Park Bench

IMG_1358 (2)

I was up at the lake not long ago and snapped a picture of this park bench.  Tears entered my eyes as I thought of my brother Jack.  I had cared for him for 3 years – through his dementia.  I would take him to the lake and we would sit on this bench and talk.  He would thank me for bringing him to the ocean.  I never tried to correct him or tell him that it was a lake.

I know that all of us have seen people show pictures of an empty park bench and talk about someone they have lost.  We miss those we love forever and reminders of them stay with us until we die.  My brother was a Church of Christ preacher and I know he is in a better place.  A place that God prepares for those that serve Him and love Him.  My brother passed away in November 2015.  I know he is free from pain and sorrow now and that gives me great comfort.

Memories of those we loved and lost bring us comfort and joy.  Those memories often make us cry and often make us laugh.  Life moves on and with God right beside us we can hope for that home in Heaven and the promise of eternal life – if was walk with the Lord and keep His commandments.

“To what greater inspiration and counsel can we turn than to the imperishable truth to be found in this treasure house, The Bible?   Queen Elizabeth II

11 thoughts on “The Lone Park Bench

  1. Those empty seats remind us so much of the ones we’ve lost in death but they also remind me that those of us who are believers will occupy a better ‘seat’ in heaven someday with those who have gone before us. Your post was a lovely tribute to your brother.

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  2. I can see why this bench held so many precious memories for you Peggy, Dementia is a cruel disease.. Its wonderful to know you cared for your brother in his final years and I am certain his view of the ‘ocean’ lake brought him many happy moments..
    Having had family suffer from the same, my heart is with you.. And yes I know your brother now resides in a much happier frame of mind in his new home..
    Thank you for sharing this Peggy.. ❤

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