Summer Begins To Fade

The Summer is nearing its end and I truly hate to see it go.  I thought I would share some photos from this very unusual summer of 2019.  We had 15 inches of extra rainfall so far this year – with lots of flooding and green lawns all through the summer – which is unusual.

These crows are looking up as they view summer drifting away.

IMG_0571 (3)

A visit to my yard by a male Bobwhite Quail.

IMG_9918 (2)

Mexican Sunflower

IMG_1260 (2)

IMG_1284 (2)

This Wren decided to raise its young in my pot of lettuce.  Never got to eat this lettuce – it went to seed.

IMG_1557 (2)

Here is the last baby wren who decided to stay in the nest a week longer than his siblings.

IMG_1611 (2)

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

IMG_1630 (2)

Spider webs on the blackberry vines.

IMG_1795 (2)

Everyone should have a colorful pair of garden boots like mine.  Ha

IMG_4884 (2)

IMG_4405 (2)

This squirrel loved my flower pots.  He paid many visits and sat in my flower pots.

IMG_4919 (2)

IMG_4924 (2)

Lincoln Rose

IMG_5287 (2)

IMG_1941 (2)IMG_2129 (2)

Hope you enjoyed nature this summer as much as I did.

30 thoughts on “Summer Begins To Fade

  1. Yesterday while going down our country road we remarked on how beautiful it is… Somehow the summer floods devastation is dimmed by all the beauty of the other summer memories such as your photos captured so well. There’s a crispness in the air and we know the summer of 2019 will be just that… memories.

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    1. Thank you for your nice comments. It is amazing how parts of nature recover so fast from pouring rain for days and terrible flooding. A slight crisp feeling in the air here when the temps are in the 60s in the morning.


  2. Peggy I adored all your photos. Love that little wren nested in you pot of lettuce. I love these little birds. Sadly we see less and less of them.
    We do not get squirrels on our garden yet across from us they do as they are nearer a hedgerow.
    My daughter has fun watching and feeding squirrels and foxes that come into her garden.
    Love your tomatoes 🍅 and that picture of butterfly with clouds beautiful.
    Yesterday was cool today back to warm . Hanging onto summer as long as we can. 😍💕💖🤗 Much love Peggy.

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    1. Thanks for your great comments Sue. Summer had decided to hang on here for awhile. Has turned hot and dry here in September. The squirrels here eat my apples and strawberries. But there is plenty to go around . Love and hugs to you Sue. Hope life is treating you kind and you find time for peace and relaxation.

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      1. Hi Peggy, yes, learning to share our produce with nature’s creatures is what we do.. Our philosophy is plant more than we need to allow for natures spoils and we give away surplus..
        Glad your weather is clement leading into Autumn, here too, wind and rain today, but we took time out and had a ride out calling in for a meal at our favourite eating place..
        Much love your way Peggy and always so lovely to see the beauty you share ❤

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