We All Must Grow Up

In our lifetime we must all grow up.  It is hard to watch our children and grandchildren become adults.  They spread their wings and they fly away.  My daughter home schooled my granddaughter for 7 years and did a fantastic job.  My granddaughter entered the honors program at college yesterday.  The first day of a long journey to become a physical therapist.  I am so proud to have such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter – God has truly blessed me.

The photo below was composed by my daughter when my granddaughter graduated from high school in May.  The little girl in the mirror has grown to be a wonderful, and beautiful  young lady.  And yes, I think back with tears in my eyes and wonder  where that little girl went.  But . . . We all must grow up..

Audra - prom #0 2019 (2)

21 thoughts on “We All Must Grow Up

  1. mamagator

    Not sure how to sign up to see your future posts without leaving a reply. So here I am doing both. God bless you in your future writings. Hopefully I will see more of these if I signed up correctly.

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  2. Beautiful post and yes, I absolutely agree. They grow up so fast. I have two children, my girl is 21 and my boy is 18 and it seems like only yesterday they were in my arms as babies. What a blessing they are to us.

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  3. Wonderful post Peggy, and yes, we look back and wonder just where did those years go.. When we are young and raising our own young families we seldom realise these precious moments when they are children soon pass.. And all to soon they grow, leave home and before long we have grandchildren.. I think that is why we cherish our grandchildren all the more, for we see how these young years are soon gone..

    Congratulations to your Granddaughter and to your Daughter for doing such a good job in homeschooling and raising such a young woman that you are both so proud of..
    Much love to you and your family Peggy ❤

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