Finding Peace

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What this world needs is more PEACE!  Early in the morning, after a rain, when a lot of mankind is still asleep – I find peace in my yard, with my camera – soaking up nature’s quiet beauty.  I love spider webs covered in rain drops.  Intricate webs created by spiders that many people fear and detest.  Yet, if you venture out on an early, wet morning – these webs come alive with a look of gleaming pearls.

“Don’t let people pull you into their storms.  Pull them into your peace.”

My brother was a person who was either on top of the world or down in a deep pit of despair.  He is gone now, but not forgotten.  I loved him very much and I miss him. Yet, I often told him when he tried to drag me down to an unhappy place – “Stay in that hole of misery you have created, but don’t expect me to join you.”

Our esteemed past president Ronald Reagan said – “Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

My husband is constantly watching the news – which is something I try not to do.  So, I venture out into God’s beautiful world and soak up nature’s quiet peace. Try sitting silently in your garden and let peace enfold you in its arms.  Ah – sheer bliss.

“Peace is its own reward.”  Mahatma Gandhi



39 thoughts on “Finding Peace

  1. I find in our world today, I need more and more peace. Like you, I find it in nature and often in my own back yard. I too like to see the intricacy of spider webs. They’re really neat when there’s been a frost and they’re coated with rime.

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  2. We have so much in common Peggy,, Loved this post. And yes, depression can be pit you have to climb out of all by yourself.. It’s a hard climb, but you were right in being firm with your late brother.. Happiness is a state of being..
    Peace is spending time in my garden too… Nothing beats that very early morning peace, when mists cling with morning dew to spiders webs..
    Your hubby sounds like mind, has to watch the news no matter, but even he this year what with ( Brexit) has tuned out a bit ..
    I escape into the garden or go listen to music in another room…
    May we all discover our quiet moments to find ourselves within peaceful pockets of love..

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  3. I have a life full of storms. But I exist in the peace. I felt this on a deeper level because I have my other half trying to take me out of the zone and be shaken because he doesn’t understand how to be in the middle of the tornado without being hit by the debris. I too find peace in my garden. In listening to the birds play and watching the sun rise

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    1. So many people try to drag others down. It takes a lot of strength to keep from giving up and joining those who are trying to destroy your peace. Praying your life will be better and you will always be able to find the peace that sustains you.

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  4. Misery is often not an individual chosen fate, and from your text I understand that you do not know what it really means to stick in such a swamp of pointless fogs or impenetrable dark fences. As human beings are a social species, nobody alone and individually can leave such a quite widespread energyless condition of life!

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    1. I know what it is to be depressed. I cared for my brother through 3 years as he suffered with dementia and passed away. My mother had dementia, my sister had dementia and also passed away. Now after years of watching those I love suffer – I am trying to find the peace I did not have in my life for over 10 years. I have great sympathy for those who suffer with any affliction – mental or physical. I do understand what it feels like to be stuck in a swamp of despair and pointless fogs – I have been there many times in my decades of life. I now seek peace.

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      1. Sorry to hear this, I have similar experiences over 15 difficult and exhausting years in total which drove me finally to a complete mental breakdown after the death of my dement mother 13 years ago. Without my wife I would have definitely not been able to survive and feel better again. So good luck on your further trails to peace! 🙂

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  5. Love this post. I agree, we live in very critical times hard to deal with, and peace is no where. But thankfully I find my peace in the hope and promise that the Bible provides. A time when we will have unending, uninterrupted peace. Psalms 37:11 keep on your journey of peace 😊😊

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