Promise & Peace

May every sunrise hold more promise  &  every sunset hold more peace.   Zarias,com

Sunrise: Promise

IMG_7736 (2)

Sunset: Peace

IMG_9091 (2)

17 thoughts on “Promise & Peace

      1. Yes, that was me. One of the days when I went to read your post, it said your blog was private and to send a request if I wanted to be able to see it. I thought that was odd because I had been able to read your posts in the past, but I figured that maybe you had changed your settings or something.

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      2. I had no idea why I was getting requests from my blog for people to see my posts. I went into my setting and it was on private. I have no idea why it changed – I did not do it. So I changed it back to public. Computers seem to have many glitches in them.


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