Milkweed and Creatures

IMG_4277 (2)

IMG_4279 (2)

IMG_4298 (2)

IMG_2499 (2)

00.27.19 (2)

IMG_2398 (2)

IMG_2424 (2)

2016-05-30 (2)

IMG_1142 (2)

IMG_1758 (2)

IMG_9963 (2)


36 thoughts on “Milkweed and Creatures

    1. My camera is nothing fancy -just a Canon from Wal Mart .PowerShot SX530HS with a 50X Optical Zoom. Some of the milkweed shots are macro and some I zoomed in from a distance. I will check out your political blog, but politics is not my thing.


    1. My goodness, those are stunning. I love Butterfly Milkweed- the orange is so brilliant. What is the purple flower? Beautiful post, my jaw was dropping a little more with each picture. ❀️

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