Pesky Raccoons

Take a look at this sweet little face, but don’t let it fool you.  This is a major garden pest.

racoon -

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These creatures destroy most of our garden melons every year.  This is what they did to the watermelon patch the last two nights.  They ruined at least 25 melons.

IMG_1616 (2)

IMG_1613 (2)

IMG_1614 (2)

Let me tell you some facts I learned about raccoons.  No matter what you try to do to stop them; nothing really works.  Fencing. electric fencing. cages over melons, devices that make noises, liquids you rub or spray on melons, a pet dog (which they gang up on and can hurt quite badly), live traps (which they are good at escaping from).

Raccoons are mean, mean, mean, and in some areas carry rabies.  Handle melons they have eaten holes in with rubber gloves. Don’t corner them – they will fight back.

I read some interesting stories from folks who tried to control these pests.  One man hired his neighbor and his coon dog to eliminate raccoons from his garden.  He paid his neighbor $10 a head.  The neighbor and his dog eliminated 50 coons from the area in one night.  Never fear – raccoons from other areas will just move in.

One gentleman had raccoons living under his house and in his attic.  He had to hire someone to remove them.

A couple had coons that came to their deck and beat on their windows everyday.  The coons wanted to be fed dog or cat food.  The couple refused to feed them, but it took them a long time to get the coons to go elsewhere.

So good luck if you are able to delete the raccoons from your garden.  I am sure our numerous cantaloupe patch will receive visitors in the near future.  My husband tried sitting outside to watch for them last night, but after awhile he gave up.  You never know the hour they will strike.

27 thoughts on “Pesky Raccoons

  1. Nice piece, Peggy – I would understand if you’ve learned to hate them. Pound for pound, a coon is one of most dangerous animals around. It usually takes several dogs to finally bring one of these fighters down; that’s why coon hunting, which I feel is cruel, is popular. Well written.


    1. Coon hunting use to be very popular in this state decades ago – when they sold the hides. Very few people hunt them here anymore. Yes – a coon is a mean critter. Thanks for your comments.


  2. I have not had coons eat my melons…yet. I have a feeling they got two of my chickens while we were on vacation this past week. My brother in law was taking care of them and I think he did not get the door shut tight enough. Not a good week to be a chicken at my house!

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    1. Sorry about your chickens. I think coons like chicken better than melon. We gave up trying to have chickens years ago. Several friends of mine have lost chickens this year to coons.


    1. Ha Ha – I had never thought of financial bribes. Thanks for the laugh. Have put huge wire cages over a few melons. With little cages they just reach through the wire and make holes in the melons. Can’t live in the country here in Arkansas and not expect critters to ruin a lot of things.

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  3. Oh Peggy I feel for you, knowing all the work which goes into growing them.. I didnt know how big a raccoon was until visiting a small zoo on the Isle of Wight in back in May, I was surprised, I thought them smaller… No wonder they can do so much damage and as a size of a small dog themselves not surprised they could hold their own and cause harm to a pet dog either..

    Thankfully we only have pigeons and caterpillars and the odd fox now and again.. ❤
    Good to be back in WP again my friend.. ❤


    1. Glad you have no raccoons to destroy your melons. The U.S. is over-run with these creatures. Have built wire cages with weights on top to hold them down. Have about 10 watermelons left that we are protecting this way. The raccoons will be after the cantaloupe next. The worse melon eater is the coyote. Glad to see you back on WP Sue. xoxox

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  4. Our hope is to beat the raccoons to our corn this year. We ate a couple ears early just to beat those pesty critters. Our new rescue dog is only interested in catching flies not anything bigger. Who knew? He’d be a pacifist.

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    1. Caught 5 coons in our live traps that ate 30 of our watermelons. Have about 15 melons left in protective wire cages. We gave up on growing corn. The coons always ate it all. Ah – sad to have a pacifist dog! Coons do kill dogs, so perhaps that dog of yours is actually very smart and leaves the coons alone.


    1. Yes, raccoons can destroy every type of melon you grow. Caught 6 raccoons in our live traps and relocated them. Things have been peaceful for awhile. Put wire cages over about 16 large melons. Sure are delicious melons.

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