Treasure – Metal Detector

I promised my fellow blogger “Following Him Beside Still Waters” a post about using our metal detector.  Did not venture to any old homestead – just our own yard.  Yet, the worthless things we found were fun to dig up and were treasure to us.

IMG_9871 (2)

We have had several Whites metal detectors over several decades of searching for treasure.

IMG_9851 (2)

IMG_9852 (2)

My husband is much better with the metal detector than I am.  Of course he was always telling me to do the digging when he discovered something underground. Ha

IMG_9881 (2)

Now – Don’t laugh over our 2 hour venture to find this wonderful treasure you see posted here.  I hear you laughing.  We did find 44 cents.

IMG_2388 (2)

We did a lot of treasure hunting when we lived in Arizona – found the following at an old trading post in the desert years ago.  Found one of the first large pennies made, but was too lazy to search and find where I put it.



26 thoughts on “Treasure – Metal Detector

  1. I’ve always been curious about metal detectors. Living at a beach community we see people with them often. Some of those coins you find can be pretty valuable, especially dimes, quarters, etc. before 1964 (silver ones).

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    1. Have found quite a few of the solid silver dimes and many of the old wheat pennies. We have used our metal detector on some of the California and Oregon beaches. It is fun and easier to dig in sand on the beaches.

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  2. I’ve watched people on the beach using these machines, but figured it was not worth the time – but your interesting post makes me feel like it could be fun, except for the work of digging. But I would guess that the anticipation of what might be unearthed makes the work a mite easier – interesting blog.

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    1. The metal detected will let you know if its a penny or dime due to the type of metal. Takes practice on what the metal detector is trying to tell you. It is fun and just a hobby. Don’t plan on getting rich. Ha


  3. I’m not laughing! 🙂 I like your treasure. 44 cents is good. I also see what appears to be a tire weight. And how did you find a Barbie shoe? (Or doll shoe.) Is that metal?

    Oh wow, square nails? And a large cent? 😀 That’s fantastic! Is the coin in the photo Canadian? I ask because I thought that looked like Queen Elizabeth on it. Are those Native American jewelry? Turquoise? Love seeing your finds. 🙂


    1. The plastic Barbie shoe was in the area of a bottle cap. The coin is Canadian 1983. That is native American turquoise jewelry, but not extremely old. We found the rings and nails on the Navajo Indian Reservation at an old trading post in Arizona. We lived and worked on the reservation for 18 years. Very interesting time in our lives.

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      1. Living on a reservation often felt like I lived in a foreign land. The Hopi Indian Reservation was stuck right in the middle of the Navajo Indian Reservation and it caused a lot of conflict between the two tribes of Indians.


  4. Used to see quite a lot of people with metal detectors along the Lake Michigan beaches and often wondered what they found. Seems like a fun hobby as long as it is approached with a sense of adventure of the unknown. 😊

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  5. Wonderful little treasures, amazing what you find at the bottom of your garden Peggy 🙂
    I loved seeing the dial with the coinages on it..
    I watched a programme the other week about Australia and gold prospecting, believe it or not people made a living out of metal detecting Gold, which was just under the surface.. While others forked out more cash to bring in bulldozers, others were content with their pickings..

    You will not get rich very fast.. But you never know what you can uncover.. We uncover lots of clay
    smoking-pipes in the allotment, all broken stems.. I keep on the look out for the smoking bowls, but they often are less rare to find..
    I have tin I keep them in and our granddaughter calls it her treasure box and often finds a shinny smooth piece of glass etc and in it goes.. ❤

    Great post and pictures Peggy ❤

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    1. Interesting about how we can find old things everywhere that were lost and became buried by past generations. How sweet that your granddaughter calls your tin her treasure box. Enjoy precious stories like that. Love and hugs to you Sue.

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      1. I just wondered about how close they’d be to bare feet. Last year we looked at a house for sale that was on an old landfill. They said you could never had cattle or horses because of stuff in the ground. Just reminded me of that. Big difference between a landfill and someone having an afternoon soda, though. 🙂

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