Storms Roared Through

Well, it has been a bad year for gardening and growing flowers – due to storm after storm. I planted several types of sunflowers for the birds and butterflies this year.  The storm Barry that roared through New Orleans and headed straight through Arkansas caused flooding and wind damage.  The red sunflowers, which turned out to be every color – all went down in the wind last night.  Discouragement is not worth my time – I just think – Oh well, a few sunflowers are nothing compared to those who lost their homes or their business.

IMG_1264 (2)

IMG_1296 (2)

IMG_1118 (2)

IMG_1117 (2)


31 thoughts on “Storms Roared Through

    1. Wish I could send you some of this rain. The climate has changed everywhere the last few years. July is usually hot and dry here in Arkansas and the grass is brown. But for 2 years now the grass has been lush and green in July.

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  1. Those sunflowers are (were?) gorgeous, I have never seen those colors. My son used to live in Fayetteville with a former job at an ad agency, I wondered how you all fared (and prayed!)

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    1. Thanks for your prayers. Flooding has been the biggest problem in Arkansas this year. Our garden washed away twice this year, but luckily our house is on higher ground. They lost a lot of homes along the Arkansas River this year.

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  2. You had some real beauties and I’m sorry they had such a short life. We’ve been pummeled over and over too here in Wisconsin and my Hollyhocks were the last to be beaten down. I cut the bent over stalks and have enjoyed them continuing to bloom inside. When you have lemons, you do have to make lemonade. Glad your home was spared.

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  3. Sorry to hear the storms have been rough on your gardening season there, Peggy. We had some storms come through here last night and many of my flowers and veggies got pressed down with the heavy rain and wind. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they bounce back…

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  4. It’s been a very odd year in terms of weather in most places by the sound of it, my corner of the UK included. It’s a shame to see nature suffer because of it, and of course the disaster that mother nature can cause on lives and homes, too. xx

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    1. Had areas of Southern Arkansas that had 11 inches of rain during the night. More flooded homes and businesses. All from the gulf storm Barry. Two major interstate highways through our state are closed today. Such a mess.

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  5. Your sunflower photos are beautiful. I’m sorry to hear of they’re being knocked down by the storm. I agree with you whole-heartily that a lost plant is nothing compared to the heartache of loss of homes and businesses.

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  6. Those are lovely! ❤ Sorry that Barry knocked them down.

    After seeing your sunflowers last year, I found some red and orange ones too. I planted late, so mine aren't tall yet and they are still standing somehow. One has a bud on it. It looks dark so I think it might be red like yours!

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  7. Beautiful flowers Peggy, And I think that is the best attitude to have, things could always be worse and for some they are..
    We are often counting our blessings living on a hill as many get flooded with heavy rain storms..

    Love and Light to you Peggy, enjoy your week ahead.. And I hope all future storms pass you by without loss.. ❤

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