A Great Sunset

I have been waiting for a great Sunset to appear for a month.  We have had plenty of beautiful Sunrises, but Mother Nature would blow all the evening clouds away and refuse to let the Sunset shine in all its glory.  Last night the sun lit up the clouds in every direction and surrounded my yard with glorious beauty and color.  Such a thrill.

IMG_1010 (2)

IMG_0998 (2)

IMG_1041 (2)

IMG_1002 (2)

I really can’t give the glory of such beauty to Mother Nature – we all know God created the beauty of this world.

20 thoughts on “A Great Sunset

  1. Mother Nature at her best… She certainly owes it to us after all these storms. We had another major downpour and lightning and thunder show early this am. Balto, our rescue dog, couldn’t have hugged the bedside any closer.

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    1. Yes the rain and storms have been awful this year. When the sky shows its glory it is great. Had several dogs in my lifetime who were petrified of storms. Thanks for your comments.


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