Communing With The Cows

There I was once again – boots on, in my pajamas in the yard trying to capture another gorgeous sunrise.  So peaceful out in my country yard – dew sparkling on the grass at 5:45 A.M.  Then I got side tracked and began to talk to the cows in the pasture – just across the fence.  I must be Mrs. Dr. Do-Little, because I talk to all the creatures I meet.

IMG_9813 (2)

God just makes some of the most spectacular scenes for us to view.  Thank you Lord for another wonderful beginning to another beautiful day.

IMG_9827 (2)

IMG_9828 (2)

These cows never gave me a single Moo today.

IMG_9837 (2)

IMG_9841 (2)


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      1. Our rain stopped for a short time, but is about to begin again. The farmers had some time to plow and plant. Keep relaxing and knitting Sue. At last our water sogged garden plot is beginning to grow. Your garden always looks so good. xoxoxo

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