Flowers Love Rain

IMG_9349 (2)

IMG_9689 (2)

IMG_9621 (2)

IMG_9618 (2)

The Gardenia bush this year was so loaded with blooms it touched the ground.

IMG_9625 (2)

Blackberry Season has begun.  So much work, but at least our vines have no thorns.

IMG_9680 (2)

Gardening in pots – works much better this year.

IMG_9620 (2)

IMG_9594 (2)

Elderberry bush

IMG_9622 (2)

25 thoughts on “Flowers Love Rain

  1. WOW Peggy, what beautiful flowers.. Loved your Gardenia, and your veggie pots look healthy too where there is a will there is always a way.. Our blackberries are only in flower at the moment.. Loved seeing your garden blooms Peggy, and while I know how much damage the rain has done in some areas of your country, looks like your flower garden has loved it.. ❤
    Enjoy your weekend my friend .. Loved that Sky too.. ❤

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  2. The rains as bad as they have been have had quite an effect on the intensity of color and amount of blooms. You have some stellar examples and got me missing the gardenia bush that grew outside my childhood home. Nothing can substitute that smell wafting in the house
    / the times corsages were made with its flowers. Thanks for sharing…

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