You Can’t Hide . . .

We have a lot of rabbits that live in and near our yard.  We have no dog – this is why.  After our last dog disappeared we chose not to get another dog.  Many of our rabbits are quite friendly.  This one that I have named “Gertrude” is my favorite.  She loves to hang out around the doorway to my husband’s shop.

You might as well sit up – I can see you!

IMG_9631 (2)

Now that is better.

IMG_9633 (2)

Now give me your good side and I will take a picture of you.

IMG_9634 (2)Perfect – Thank you Gertrude.

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Hide . . .

  1. Aww, so loved that you caught her good side Peggy,
    So sorry to hear your the dog you had disappeared. Lovely capture of the rabbits, I bet you have to watch the veggie patch though!..
    Thankfully we do not have a problem with rabbits though there are plenty in the fields around and abouts.. But they seem to stay clear of the allotment plots..

    Sending love and well wishes Peggy.. ❤

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    1. Well there you are. I worried that you had already given up on blogging. Hope you don’t quit blogging or get discourage about finding other bloggers to interact with. You have had some interesting post so far. There are millions of folks blogging – just search for those you like. Rabbits are so great to watch – very entertaining.


  2. My daughter has quite a few rabbits in her yard – not that she wants them because they eat up her vegetable garden. She jokes that she has named them – Stew1, Stew2, Stew3.

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