Our Feathered Friends

I love to watch and then photograph our feathered friends that fill our days with enjoyment.  The rain has not stopped, nor hampered the activities of these little creatures that grace our lives each day.

I think this Bluebird and this Mocking Bird thought sitting on my lawn swing under the apple trees would keep the rain from soaking their feathers. Alas, this did not help.

IMG_8587 (2)

IMG_8518 (2)

This Blackbird was actually taking a bath in the mud puddle in my garden.  This is not the best picture in the world, because he would just not stand still and pose for me.

IMG_8524 (2)

This baby Wren was a little smarter than the birds above – he waited for a sunny day to venture out into the world.  He sat on this small metal tube for quite some time as he waited for his parents to feed him.

IMG_8895 (2)

For a long time I have watched this lone duck search around the pond for his lost mate.  I know either a coyote or some other animal must have killed her while she was on her nest.  I felt sorry for this male duck as he frantically ran through the grass calling for his mate.

IMG_8758 (2)

When a few Canadian Geese venture to the area around the pond this duck starts making shrill noises and runs out to greet them.  He is seeking any kind of companionship.  The geese simply chose to ignore him, but he is unaware that they are shunning his friendship.

IMG_9209 (2)

There is a lesson in this encounter of the duck and goose.  We often shun those who we do not wish to associate with.  When we see a lonely person – a person who needs a friend – why not try to be that friend.  We moved very often when I was a child and I know how hard it is to fit in – in a new town and new environment. In each new school  I made friends with those that I could tell needed a friend.  I guess you might have called me and my new friends – Nerds.  But my new friends were some of the best people I have encountered in my life.  I am sure you will agree – God wants us to show kindness and compassion for all the people we encounter in our daily lives.

20 thoughts on “Our Feathered Friends

  1. I like this post a lot, Peggy (Joan?) especially about the duck and the goose. Some people shun, or at least ignore) people who don’t look like they do. I often engage these people because I learn so much from people who look and act differently than I do. You are so modest about your blog that one has to read your posts to know that. I get visitors, but very few comments, so please tell me how you’ve managed to get a vocal following. I already know your interesting commentary is part of the answer, and I know I can use some suggestions on that topic, but I will also appreciate suggestions on other techniques.

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    1. Just call me Peggy. It takes time to get others to follow a blog. I check out blogs when I am on someone else’s blog. Feel free to click on the blogs I follow on the grid on my blog sidebar, I have learned people get tired of this world’s troubles and they want to read something that makes them happy and makes them feel
      that way. Interaction with those you follow is the key. If you want them to become friends – be a friend. There are some wonderful people in this world.


    1. Because there were 2 ducks that were mates for weeks – and then overnight one disappeared. As soon as that happened the other began to become frantic and ran through the grass for days calling for its mate. I have watched the behavior of the animals in this area for decades and I understand their behavior. People put floating houses in their ponds just for the safety of the ducks. I would have done this, but it is not my pond – it is just across the fence from my yard.

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  2. When we become observers of Nature, we see what many might fail to miss.. I felt sorry for the male duck who had lost his mate.. I also love to watch the birds in our garden and they regularly take a bath in the bird bath, and if I should let it dry out, they are soon chirping as I walk past as if to remind me to fill it again.
    Though we had enough rain yesterday to fill it ..
    Loved your photos Peggy and your wise thoughts..
    Love your way.. ❤

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  3. I wasn’t really a bird watcher until I moved from the suburbs to out in the country in a valley. After enjoying feeding birds during the winter here, I insisted we continue feeding them year round. We have counted 28 different species of birds coming to the feeders. We go through a lot of sunflower seeds, grape jelly and sugar water! I bet you understand how the summer bird noise is an early alarm clock…

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