Rain, Rain, Rain

Tis mud that lies in garden fair,

No crop will be planted there.

Did rain and rain and rain more,

Simply caused by storm’s roar!

IMG_8591 (2)

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Rain

  1. It is still so beautiful Peggy. After the hurricane last year we had 300%, yes 300, more rain than ever recorded. It rained here from October last year until mid March. Now, no rain for weeks and in the 90’s. Dusty dust bowl is what we are. But my oh my your garden is so serene. I bet you can sit on that swing under that tree and not get wet, can you?

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    1. The rain was so hard the apple tree canopy of leaves let the rain right thru. Have a picture of a bluebird and a picture of a mocking bird on the frame of the swing and they are both very wet. Arkansas broke records for rain from last Fall until now. Planted seeds 3 times in this garden and they washed away or rotted. Guess it saves me a lot of work freezing and canning this year. Ha

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      1. hahaha well at least you are looking on the bright side of things. And you know the LORD always has a plan. It might be that you wouldn’t have the time this fall for the freezing and canning, and would have been stressed about the possible waste of food. Who knows these things but Him.

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      2. God is giving me more time to pick the gallons and gallons of blueberries and blackberries that we grow every year. God knows we are getting older and need less work. I keep telling my husband we need to slow down.

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