The Sky in 2019

We have had some great Sunrises and Sunsets so far in 2019 – and here are just a few.

January Sunrise:


January Sunset:

IMG_5722 (2)

February Sunrise:

IMG_7316 (2)

February Sunset:

IMG_7367 (2)

March Sunrise:

IMG_7528 (2)

March Sunset:

IMG_9927 (2)


April Sunrise:

IMG_8632 (2)

April Sunset:

IMG_3089 (2)

7 thoughts on “The Sky in 2019

      1. Well you see I could hardly forget May Day, being as it was the day I was born.. lol and Earth Day while I remembered this year, I didn’t do a post this year.. I was enjoying Gaia’s own natural beauty 🙂 MUCH love Peggy.. ❤

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