Greers Ferry Lake

IMG_8167 (2)

The beach – what beach?  I don’t see a beach!


It is always great going to the lake.  Such beauty.  Flooding has raised the lake’s water level and several of the campgrounds are partly under water.

IMG_8181 (2)

IMG_8276 (2)

IMG_8061 (2)

I’m not swimming out there to borrow one of their life jackets!

IMG_8250 (2)

Get that mast down boys – we need to get home.  Can’t get under the overpasses and electrical wires.



12 thoughts on “Greers Ferry Lake

  1. I read you have had lots of flooding, and its crazy the water levels and differences in temperatures of late.. We had a really Hot Easter here in England, warmer at one point than in Spain.
    Lovely photos Peggy.. And thank you my friend for your beautiful comment.. Sending huge hugs your way and thank you.. Big HUGS ❤

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    1. Yes, this Spring we have broken records for rain. The farmers can’t get in the fields to plant. It was 82 degrees here on Easter day. Don’t let the world or the actions of mankind discourage you. Love and huge hugs right back to you.. Hope you are feeling better Sue.

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      1. Thanks Peggy… I can not say what ails me at the moment Peggy.. A deep underlying sadness that is not of my own.. I shake it, and I know better than most, as I have been there done that many years ago, ( a nervous breakdown ) so will not allow myself to sink.. But I just feel a reluctance to even turn on the modem.. So Thank YOU.. I am well, and pulling myself up by the scruff… ❤ 🙂

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      2. Turn the modem off – remember life before internet and cellphones – ah peace, contentment and time for hobbies. Depression is hard to pin point – I get down, but then I stop and do something I truly enjoy. Put a smile on your face and do something new that you have always wanted to do. Take care friend.

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