My Favorite View

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My favorite view is my backyard from my kitchen window that faces East.  Living in the country in Central Arkansas is wonderful.  The Spring rains have turned our half acre garden spot into a wet mess and has delayed planting.  My Yellow Delicious apple tree is in full bloom and is attracting several types of butterflies and bees.  The smaller Gala apple tree on the right  blooms several weeks later.

I stand at this window at dawn each morning watching the rabbits chase each other around the yard.  Numerous species of birds love to walk across the muddy tilled ground in search of worms and insects.  Each day I watch the fox squirrel leave the big oak tree to the North and venture through the garden and down to the Southeast corner of the property.  I am never sure why he makes this journey each day, but there must be something very interesting in that corner of the yard.

Our little Wren and his mate visit the base of the apple tree each morning looking for some small insect to eat for breakfast.  This pair of Wrens nests in my husband’s shop each year.  The small Wrens and the Bluebirds are my favorite birds.

The Bluebirds perch high on the power lines and swoop down to the ground for a bug or worm.  I often wish I had their keen eyesight.  We have several pairs of bluebirds that nest in bird houses that my husband has made and  placed on our 3 acre spot of land.

I never fail to be watching out my kitchen window during early morning dawn to capture a glorious sunrise in my camera lens.    I can view the little creatures that inhabit my yard through my kitchen window without disturbing them.

My husband and I often sit in the lawn swing and watch the garden grow.  On a warm day the sun warms our faces as we sit, swing and view nature.  On a very hot day the shade from the apple tree helps cool our brow.

The view through the window every morning makes my day begin with enjoyment and thoughts of what a beautiful world God has made for me to view.  I wish each person in the world had a private and peaceful place that brought them comfort and pleasure.

May God bless each of you with a happy, peaceful day filled with joy and contentment.  May you find a  place to escape the hectic world that swirls madly around us each day.



19 thoughts on “My Favorite View

  1. What a beautiful view Peggy.. and funny you should be mentioning a little Wren, I love those little birds, and for several years now our garden has not seen them. I was only saying so at the beginning of Spring to my Hubby .. Then only last week a little wren was inspecting out my laundry peg basket I hand beneath our swing seat on our back garden, as if she was going to nest there.. I had to move the basket as I didn’t want her nesting, as cats often walk the fence line.. But we have seen her flitting around our shrubs..
    We have blackbirds nesting and also a little robin we watched for three days build his nest..
    Nature is a great healer and so enjoy just sitting watching birds and bees.. ❤
    Enjoy your garden Peggy.. ❤

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    1. We have several pairs of wrens. A few years ago they disappeared, but they are back. Wrens nest in the most unusual places. Ha Nature just soothes the soul Sue – I just can’t get enough of nature. You take more time to do the things you love – it just makes life so much more enjoyable my friend. Love to you.

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      1. You are right, and I am… We are…. both hubby and I… We have even booked two holiday breaks for this year.. Loved to hear the wrens returned..
        A robin built a nest behind our garden shed on some pallet boxes, unfortunately something got at them when the chicks just hatched.. But cats are always catching mice, and voles in the allotment plot, But my hubby was worried it would be disturbed and it was, as it was so exposed and low.. Lets hope they learn from this years mistake and build higher and more secure next time..

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      2. Yes, its sad to see all the birds work so hard and lose their young. The duck on the pond has lost his mate – probably a hawk or coyote. He runs through the grass around the pond squacking for her – makes me sad for him. Life is rough for all the little creatures.

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