Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings are a particularly social species.  It is not unusual to see a row of them perched on a branch, passing a berry or an insect down the line and back again, bill to bill, in a ceremony that ends when one swallows the food.  The birds wander in flocks whose arrivals and departures are unpredictable.  They habit open forest, areas with scattered trees, wooded swamps, orchards, and suburbs.

A flock of about 60 Cedar Waxwings flew around my yard for two days and then they were gone.  Getting pictures of these birds is challenging, because they do not land for any length of time.








7 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings

  1. What a beautiful bird Peggy, and already March is gone and April has arrived.. Spring is in the air here, with birds nesting and feeding young..
    Hope you are well dear Peggy, I too have not been travelling around WP as often my friend, Life and the NOW seem more important just now…
    Sending love and well wishes Peggy..
    Take care of yourself.. Much LOVE ❤ Sue

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    1. Hi Sue – thanks for your nice comments. Life and the here and now are more important to me than the internet anymore. Perhaps reality sets in as we age and we realize life is short and we better savor every moment. Much love to you too Sue. xoxoxo

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