Viewing Above

I find when the antics of those in the world upset me – looking above the earth and viewing the sky brings me peace.  I cannot believe the colors that God spreads across the sky.  The television news  is depressing beyond belief.  Why they fail to show much more of the good news that happens in this world is beyond me.  I still believe there are more good people in this world – than there are bad.  I would like to hear the good stories.IMG_6920.JPG

img_7234 (2)

img_7253 (2)



img_7255 (2)img_7005 (2)



5 thoughts on “Viewing Above

  1. Beautiful skies Peggy and yes, you and me both.. Escaping into nature is our healing balm, especially when the World news is so depressing.
    I hope you are not in the cold areas which is sweeping across the USA right now in the arctic blast..
    Sending you warm thoughts and much love my friend..
    I am enjoying my time creating.. and I am hunkering down too this next few days.. as snow sweeps us also..
    Much love my friend.. take care of you ❤

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