Capturing That Perfect Photo

I have tried for a long time to capture a hummingbird hovering.  I finally did, but it was not the perfect photo I wished.  But then how hard is it to capture a hummingbird at all.

IMG_4999 (2)

Capturing this foggy sunrise was a much easier task.  It amazes me how fog can make the sun look as if it were the moon.

IMG_5182 (2)

This big eyed fly on my Mexican Sunflower sat perfectly still and let me snap a close up.

IMG_5105 (2)

An early morning sunrise.  I thought the clouds in the lower part of this sunrise were quite beautiful.

IMG_5054 (2)

I chased this squirrel away from my apple tree.  He ran a short distance and jumped into another tree.

IMG_5159 (2)

This little pest was back in a short amount of time – stealing apples.

IMG_4681 (2)

The bumblebees seem to be abundant in our yard anymore.  They do photograph well. They totally ignore me as I shoot close up pictures.

IMG_4734 (2)

I love reflections in water so I will leave you with this photo.

IMG_5011 (2)


21 thoughts on “Capturing That Perfect Photo

    1. Have not been on line for awhile. Trying to get garden season over and compose a book of my poems and photos right now. Will try to check out your blog soon. God gives me so many things to photograph and I do love what God has created for us to look at. Thanks for your nice comments Faye. Hope life is treating you good. Love Peggy


  1. Peggy what a delight to land here this morning.. Breathing in the wonder of nature through your eyes.. And allowing the beauty of it to wash over me..
    Sometimes the beauty of it all brings tears to my eyes.. We humans so take this world of ours for granted..
    So many do not see what we see.. As they work their daily grind to exist..
    Its all there.. All of it.. in ever insect, squirrel, humming bird, fruit and flower.. Life is so very precious..
    Why are we all not making more of it? instead we destroy it.. And we are destroying ourselves in the process..

    So good to be upon your beautiful blog again..
    Much love to you dear Peggy.. ❤ Take care of yourselves.. ❤

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    1. Not getting on line much anymore. Am writing a Poetry – Photography book right now. Nature brings tears to my eyes too Sue. Always nice to see you have stopped by and I love your comments. May not be back until next week. Stay well and happy Sue. Seem to be so busy these days trying to wind down garden season. Love you – Peggy

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      1. I know what you mean about the garden and time Peggy.. We froze over 47 sweetcorn large cobs. The potatoes have not fared half as well this year due to the drought.. They are so small this year, and only have a large sack full where as we usually have three … I think what you are doing writing and creating Peggy is far more productive than buzzing around WP.. So keep doing what you are doing.. Its always a bonus when you pop into your blog and we catch one another..
        Much love to you too.. ❤

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      2. I know you are very creative Sue – take more time for yourself and enjoy your creativity. I seem to be running in circles right now and getting very tired. Ha ha Love you Sue and it is always nice to connect with you. Our potatoes did not do well this year either. Peggy

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      3. Tiredness is catching.. and this week my afternoon power naps have increased.. LOL.. And the harvest on Potatoes in general here is poor.. Prices on the market already higher than normal.. Food prices I am sure around the globe will be affected if these extremes in weather continues..
        Sending you love Peggy and and rest when you are able.. Much love ❤ Sue


      1. Awww so sorry to hear you have been unwell,, It seems many I know at least four people have been experiencing balance issues with their ears..
        I hope it is all cleared now and your spine is feeling better too…
        Know you are sent lots of healing love Peggy.. Take care.. Hugs Sue ❤

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