Mexican Sunflowers

I decided to plant a variety of Mexican Sunflowers.  There are numerous types of these orange, red sunflowers to chose from.  I chose the “Outsider Red”.  The bees and butterflies love these flowers.  They have numerous blooms on each plant.  Here are some photos I took of Mexican Sunflowers that I planted in my garden.






9 thoughts on “Mexican Sunflowers

    1. Hi Faye. These Mexican sunflowers are fantastic for attracting butterflies. Plan to plant more next year. Such beautiful flowers. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


  1. These are beautiful Peggy and obviously a great hit with the insect kingdom..
    We planted some giant sunflower seeds, but for what ever reason not a one germinated.. Lovely Sunflowers.. I may try this sort of variety next year. ❤

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