Outdoor Beauty

I am often amazed when the sun tries so hard to peek through the clouds or the morning fog.  The pictures I capture often create quite beautiful scenes.  This picture is early morning on a  very foggy day.

IMG_3022 (2)

I see such beauty in spider webs.  When the rain or dew covers these delicate webs the beauty is enhanced. This photo was taken on a rainy morning.

IMG_3717 (2)

The garden is covered with squash, cucumber, and melon blooms.  The bumble bees love to venture to each bloom for nectar.

IMG_4842 (2)

I have no idea what the name of this insect happens to be. It seems to like garlic blooms.  I have never seen this creature in my yard before.  Perhaps one of my blogger friends can name this unique insect for me.

IMG_3792 (2)

I will leave you with the sunrise from my back yard that spread across the sky this very morning.  Each sunrise contains a beauty of its own. This sunrise had an unusual array of clouds and colors, which I have never viewed in any other sunrise before.  Do you suppose God did this just for my enjoyment?  I will pretend that He did.

IMG_4182 (2)

17 thoughts on “Outdoor Beauty

  1. All of those photos are beautiful!!! I absolutely love the spider web. I am not crazy about the spiders themselves but their webs are such works of art. I always wish I could figure out a way to spray paint or hair spray a web and transfer it to glass to frame it. I have never tried it and maybe I should!

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    1. Thank you for that information about the web worm. Hope all is well in your world. Tried to visit your blog the other day without success. You must have a private site now. Have a happy day. Peggy

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  2. Love all of your photos and info! I guess that is some sort of colorful beetle – quite amazing looking! I actually talk to God when I’m outside in my yard looking over my flowers and plants and say please send a butterfly or something while I’m outside. Yes, God even sends us beautiful skies to let us know/recognize he’s with us. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. Beautiful captures of webs both in the garden and the sky dear Peggy, Nature never fails to delight us, and Keep watching the skies my friend, Lots of spectacular views to be had when we continue to look skyward..
    I have never seen that insect before either.. But then in the UK we get different species..

    At last yesterday we got rain, after going nearly 8 weeks with none.. We had a large thunderstorm that soaked the ground, much needed, which will save us watering today.. 😀

    We painted our garden allotment sheds earlier this week, just in time before the rains came, as the wood was really dry, we put wood preserving paint on them.. That will help protect them during winter.

    Much cooler today and more bareable, we have had temps up into the 30C, not used to that humid heat here.. Everything really dry, no grass grown for livestock, I have been putting extra water out for wildlife,
    We have a family of hedghogs, we are making sure do not dehydrate.
    Today the wind is picking up, and we could get 40mph winds by this afternoon..

    Did you see the Blood Moon last evening?? Here the clouds were too thick to see anything. But you can feel the Changes in the Air can’t you..
    Keep Cloud watching,
    Sending Much love your way.. I hope your back has recovered.. Mine is resting today.. 😀
    love and Hugs dear Peggy.. Take care.. ❤

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    1. We did not get the blood moon in our hemisphere. Due one next year in America. You sound so busy Sue. Am taking my daughter to the chiropractor here today for her bad back. She is an outdoor garden worker too. Love to you Sue – I think of you often and pray for you. xoxoxoxox

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