Mr. Grackle

IMG_3453 (2)

Mr. Grackle

Oh, Mr. Grackle on the garden fence,

Your piercing gaze is so intense!

What message does your stare imply?

You ventured to my garden – I know not why.

Is mischief what you plan this fine day,

Or will you soon decide – just to fly away?


11 thoughts on “Mr. Grackle

    1. Thanks for your comments about the bird and poem. The eyes of this bird were so intense. Hope you are doing ok Faye. I have been so busy with garden and picking gallons of our blueberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Little time for blogging.

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    1. Has been a long time since I was on line Sue. So busy with garden and picking gallons of our berries. . Thank you for your nice comments. Love to you my dear friend. Hope your life is going well. xoxoxo

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      1. I know the feeling Peggy.. We had a bit of set back.. all the berry picking we did most we put in one freezer… The freezer was in the garage.. the heat has been intense this Summer here.. So the freezers have been none stop going.. Unbeknown to us one packed in, it was two days before we discovered it .. All the berries and left over sweetcorn from last year ruined.. Surprisingly neither of us were gutted.. We just said it was one of those things.. And Let it go.. There are lots of worse things happening in the world.. this was a minor irritation, just alot of hard work into picking and cleaning them.. Especially all the red currants.. Life and gardening goes on…
        Sending LOVE and will be calling by your place soon to see what you have been up to.. I have a mountain of comments yet to answer.. But there is not a rush in me, So I am just logging in when I feel like it.. and following the FLOW.. πŸ™‚
        Keep doing the same Peggy my friend.. Hugs to you xx ❀

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      2. Ah, sorry about your freezer. Have had that happen before. Our 2 freezers are in my husband’s shop. I check them daily anymore. I am so glad our berry season is over. So much work. Am into cantelope and watermelons now. Gave away a wheel barrow of cantelope to friends. Gardening is certainly a full time job. Be well Sue, going slow at everything is the best way to live your life. Love to you my friend.

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