Birds Of Spring

It amazes me how many colorful birds God created for us to enjoy.  Spring is thrilling, because of all the baby birds.  A pair of Wrens built a nest in my husband’s shop.  A nest on a shelf, behind cans, in a small space, full of 5 eggs and then 5 babies.  It took the parents 4 days to get their babies to venture into the big world.

One baby Wren left in the nest.

IMG_3105 (2)

Here are the 5 baby Wrens huddled in the rafters of  the shop.

IMG_3166 (2)

A baby Wren on the blade of the ceiling fan.

IMG_3113 (2)

This baby Bluebird fell out of the tree and is wondering what happened.

IMG_3074 (2)

Seldom see this Roadrunner in my yard.  This is the best shot of him I could get before he went speeding away.

IMG_2664 (2)

Saw about 20 Indigo Buntings in my yard eating grass seed. This one has his mouth full of grass seed.

IMG_2839 (2)

The colorful Goldfinch has evaded being captured in my camera lens until this week.  This is Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch. He would have to turn his back on me!

IMG_2985 (2)

But then he turned around and I captured a somewhat blurry shot of his face. What a great head of hair he has.


16 thoughts on “Birds Of Spring

  1. Dear Peggy, these were just wonderful photo’s of your birds that have visited you.. And oh how I love wrens.. we have one visit our garden but she is very shy and you only see her very early in the mornings, not at any other time of day.. To have a whole nest of them, Fantastic!!..
    The Goldfinch’s just beautiful, we do not get them in our gardens, but they are native birds here, at one time we would get them, plus more Bluetits, Yellowhammers, and Bullfinches, but since more development in our area since we moved to our present home over 35 yrs ago we have seen a decline in birds as their habits in the hedgerows have been destroyed by new housing estates springing up in the once rural fields five minutes walk away.
    We used to get more starlings too, and our gardens would be alive with them, now its only the odd one or two..
    It is mainly the little sparrows, robins, blackbirds and the odd sighting now of the other birds if we are lucky..
    I fill the feeders everyday, and put apples out for blackbirds,

    I just loved seeing the variety of birds you have visit you, and I was wowed by that Indigo Bunting, a new one to me, how colourful.. I had to look up the Roadrunner too and it reminded me a little of our Pheasants, who when crossing the road are often stupid, as they run halfway then run back ,often resulting in tragedy..

    I hope you are all well Peggy, we are getting our allotment ship shape, and today have some much needed rainfall after a dry and hot couple of weeks, So trying to do more catching up on my blog this morning..
    Take care my friend. Until next time, when you are able to access the net..
    Love to you and your family. I so enjoyed your post this morning.. We all need nature in our lives.
    Hugs Sue ❤

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    1. My Sue – you wrote a book to me. Ha I so enjoy checking your blog out and getting to know about the birds and weather in England. From what I read the Indigo Buntings are in North and South America. The Wrens nest in my husband’s shop and do not seem to be afraid of us. The Roadrunner is native to the deserts in Southwest U.S. They are very uncommon in our wet area. Well I hope you are well. I am doing fine. Just picked and froze 5 gallons of strawberries. What a chore for an old back like mine. Love to you Sue

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      1. Lol, and can feel for your poor back.. I overdid mine in the allotments earlier in the week.. I had to rest it for a while.. Five Gallons WONDERFUL… We are only in the flowering stage.. Hope to show some pics soon on my garden blog..
        Loved my visit Peggy.. You take care of that back!… xxx

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      2. Old backs and legs definitely do not like picking strawberries. Hope your back is doing better. Have been so busy with our 3 acre yard and our garden. Did downsize our half acre garden, but it still seems like too much work. Now its blueberry, blackberry picking and I mean gallons. Take it easy and do not overwork Sue. Love to you

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      3. My back has given me fits several times this berry season. Had to take my husband to his chiropractor when a disk went out in his back. Ah, old age is so fun. Take care of your back. xoxo

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      4. Ouch to those back problems.. Yes Old age is Fun we have creaks upon our creaks..
        My back is much improved… Shussssh I dont let my back hear that though. Lol for the moment it does it creaks again..
        Mega Hugs your way and Take care of yourselves.. xx


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