The Mulch Thief

We have decided to do part of our garden in plastic containers this year.  We can get free mulch from the town’s parks and roads department.  Well, this little thief is digging in the pots and using what it gathers for nest material,  Here is that thief – The Mighty Titmouse.  Ah Ha



I see that sneaky look in your eye!



20 thoughts on “The Mulch Thief

      1. We are going to put a lot of our garden in containers this year to control weeds. Our neighbor has given us big plastic containers that he buys cattle feed in. They make nice big pots for planting. Glad you got your work done before the rain. Take care, be well, and lets both hope this is a good garden year. Lost half of our Blueberries to 2 freezes in April.

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  1. How kind of you to provide this little one with nesting material :). I also deal with birds and squirrels digging to china in my pots. Plus an occasional deer that nibbles on the plants in the front yard during the night. He/she is a cute little bird!

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