Back To My Drawing

I have been missing my drawing – but have finally found time to draw again.  Such joy to do things you enjoy.


28 thoughts on “Back To My Drawing

  1. Dear Peggy, this is beautiful art work.. Love your drawing, such life in those hands that one can almost hear the music as the bow is pulled across the strings..

    Like you I am back to my painting, this world needs art , and we are finding our creative juices again..
    You have an amazing gift.. And I send you much love in your continued creations..
    Spring is springing and our gardens will soon need our full attentions.. I for one can not wait to dig deep into our earth and plant seeds.
    Some are already planted and growing in the green house.. But we have had snow and rain and now more rain and snow forecast for tomorrow Easter Monday.. So we are pleased we did not rush in and plant too early as some have done..

    Sending love and Blessings Peggy.. Thank you dear friend for your support it means the world to know you are still in and out of blog land..
    Hugs Sue xxx ❤

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    1. Our strawberries are in bloom and we had a big frost last night and will have a freeze in two days. Good never to plant early. Never doubt your worth on this earth Sue. love you friend xxoo

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      1. Aww to the frost.. and your kindness Peggy..
        We have spent the last two full mornings in the allotment and are getting there. Things will catch up.. Its 12C today but a biting wind. it feels much colder.. But digging and hoeing kept me warm.. as Potatoes went in today 😀

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