Pictures of Nature

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15 thoughts on “Pictures of Nature

  1. Hey Peggy!!! It was such a blessing to see a post from you, all the beautiful pictures you shared of God marvelous creations. I love the captions!!! I laughed at the one about the moon hiding behind the branches, and wow the one does look like a volcano. Simply amazing!! I pray you are doing well, and enjoying your time away. I pray it has been full of blessings, and by the looks of your pictures, it has been :):)

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    1. Hi Margaret. Nice to connect with you. Have not been to my daughter’s house for awhile to use her internet. Staying close to home trying to avoid getting the flu – which is still terrible here in Arkansas. I get out every day to snap a few pictures. Spring is trying to happen part of the time here. Am doing great – hope you are also. God gives us some beautiful things in nature to look at every single hour of the day. God bless you my friend,

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      1. So happy to hear you are good :):) Yes that flu has been every where, and it seems to repeat itself. As soon as people get better they are sick with it again. I haven’t had it, thanking God. I have been having an immune system issue, it’s been in overdrive. Apparently that is a good thing, as it has protected me from the sickness this year but it has kept me exhausted to the point my friends and family were concerned. But hey, I’d rather be exhausted than sick hehehe. You are so right about His beauties. Even on the days people say are nasty there is a beauty to it that cant be compared.

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      2. Overdrive immune system – interesting. So glad you are staying well. Yes, you can get the flu over and over. Take care and enjoy every moment of each day. catch you another day friend.

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  2. So glad to hear from you my friend. Those photos are beautiful and the captions are perfect!
    Glad to hear you are staying healthy. People have been sick up here like you would not believe. So far so good at our house.
    You make my heart glad!

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    1. Thanks Faye for your nice comments. Saw you were getting a lot of snow up your way. Beautiful Spring weather here. Stay well and God bless you. xxxooo You make my heart glad too – you are such a nice person.


  3. Hi Peggy, wonderful post and I hope the Full ‘Blue Moon’ was bright and spectacular on Saturday.. Here it was cloudy and raining.. As per normal these days..

    Lovely that you are posting intermittently.. And I so thank you for your recent visit it was lovely having you..
    I too have been a bit of a hermit of late.. but I am slowly emerging but taking small steps back into the blog world..
    Now to go look at that beautiful drawing.. xxx ❀

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