Everything we possess that is not necessary for life or happiness becomes a burden, and scarcely a day passes that we do not add to it.  ROBERT BRAULt


When your kitchen table becomes a catch-all because every area of storage in your house is full – perhaps it is time to donate some of your belongings.  Once again I am in the process of a big decluttering rampage and so far I am in the right frame of mind to accomplish this feat.

Labor with what zeal we will, Something still remains undone, Something uncompleted still waits the rising of the sun. HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW

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    1. Neat – I recently got rid of some bookshelves also. Makes me happy when my house becomes neater and less cluttered. I try to stay away from flea markets and yard sales – too big a temptation.

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  1. I’m also on the same track. I’m converting as much paper as I can to digital format, frees up a lot of space and organizes the information. I’ve been marveling at all the things I’ve bought and wondering why I spent money on a lot of them. They really are a burden. Good lessons!

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      1. I had to laugh at your response to Michelle from the Rabbit Patch about your hoarder husband…..Mine is the same way! He hates to part with anything. He always thinks we will eventually need it.


  2. I also have these mad sprees too, de-cluttering and donating items to charity is so satisfying. I am jumping on here quickly this morning, as the Sun is now up and out today after several days of rain.. So my old garments are donned and my wellies are waiting, as I get ready to do my de-cluttering of weeds in the allotments..
    Sending you Huge hugs dear Peggy.. I feel you are enjoying Life with your freedom from the net.. And I am so not worrying any more about my catch ups..
    It is time to simplify and enjoy life..
    I bet your own garden is now thriving of produce.
    Sending much love dear Peggy your way.
    Hugs Sue ❤ xx


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