IMG_4922I recently read a book “Celtic Inspiration” by Lyn Webster Wilde, 2004.

The Celtics lived in Austria and Switzerland about 1,000 years before Christ.  They were a warlike people who were skilled in metalwork and horsemanship.They believed in the mystic realm, which centered around nature, the sun, moon, and stars

IMG_5123The following inspired Celtic thoughts could be applied to our lives today.

Retreat – Go to a new place for 24 hours or longer. No mechanical devices. Seek silence – consider what you need to let go of and visualize the future you desire. When you go home the world will seem different.  You will feel energized to make necessary life changes.

IMG_4924 (2)Walking by a river or stream, let the power of water, seen and heard, energize your spirit.  Let every ripple add its soothing blessing to your deepening inner calm.  Watch the qualities animals possess and imitate them.

IMG_5134 (2)Imagine that you are being pulled up into the stars; to a place where you can forget yourself in the darkness of space.  When you come back to Earth you will be different and very refreshed.

IMG_5127 (2)

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15 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Some very interesting thoughts here, Peggy. You sure seem to be on a path leading away from so much technology in your life, and leaning to a more “natural” lifestyle…


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  2. A perfect pairing of pictures and words! The dragonflies are so delicate – you captured that delicateness well. The Celtics had some very good advice that is still so applicable to us today. Very nice, thank you!

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  3. That was a beautiful meditation dear Peggy.. And Double WOW at those marvellous photos of those amazing Dragonflies.. So many all in one spot.. I can not tell how lovely these images are Peggy… Just love these fascinating creatures but I rarely see them.. And when I do I am over the Moon. Mostly I see them near a small lake I take a walk around…
    Your skills are wonderful behind the camera lens.. ❤

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    1. Thanks for your nice comments Sue. Like you I am on wordpress less and I am loving being back to a more normal past life before internet. Ha Love n hugs to you Sue – glad you have gotten some travel fun in this summer.

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    1. Came to my daughter’s house to use her internet. Will miss you too. Am loving working on a book, reading, visiting friends face to face and taking naps. Ha Happy Holidays to you.


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