Multiple June/July Sunrises

We have had multiple sunrises here in Arkansas in the months of June and July.  But we have had very few sunsets.  The clouds always drift away in the early evening; there is nothing in the evening for the sun to reflect its bright rays upon.  Each morning as I stand in the yard and photograph the great sunrise I think of someone I know who is suffering; or has lost a loved one – and I pray for them.  We have lost 2 wonderful older ladies from church in a week’s time (from very tragic accidents).  Their husbands have taken their deaths very hard.







IMG_4209 (1)




IMG_4049 (1)


Following is the only good sunSET I have captured this month.



25 thoughts on “Multiple June/July Sunrises

  1. The only sunset you have is magnificent. It’s more beautiful than any thing made by man :). I look at it and think, that’s love right there. Something He made to make us happy 🙂 The sunrises are the same. A dozen sunrises and one glorious sunset :):) I appreciate you sharing it with us because He did that just for you 🙂 They were in your eyes reach. A hug from God 🙂

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  3. What a wonderful back-drop to your prayers for others dear Peggy, Such beautiful skies, and it must be so hard for those ladies partners in coming to terms with their sad loss. I am sure by the sounds of your church and community, they will help those whom are grieving in helping them through the days to come..

    Sending Love and thoughts your way Peggy ❤ xxx

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