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I have not been on the internet for awhile – I have cancelled my satellite service (which is all you can get in the country).  It became too expensive for only 10 GB per month.  My GB limit would be used up, halfway through the month, if I was not careful with what I chose to do.

Thus, I will drive to my daughter’s house twice a week to try to keep up with my blogging friends and Facebook pals.  My daughter is able to get unlimited time for her internet service. I may not be able to view all of the posts of those I follow, but I still hope to interact with all of you wonderful bloggers.

My husband has enjoyed more of my time since I disconnected the internet in our home. More time to sit on the porch for morning and evening chats.  It is funny, when you finally realize, the time you use to give your family is spend on the internet.

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  1. So true! Several weekends ago my internet service went out for 48 hours. I was lost, but got so much stuff done while it was out. Made me realize that I need to budget my time on line (and I now appreciate having a working service). I’m glad you still have access and can keep up!

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  2. Light Ministry Blog

    Boy, those internet providers sure are happy to charge for anything more than the minimum of services! Glad you chose to use some service to visit me! I hope you can enjoy your visits from your daughter’s home…


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  3. I have also cut back on blogging for this summer. It does leave more time for family and that is a plus!
    I totally understand about the 10 GB! That is what we have also. They don’t cut us off after we reach that but it does run a lot slower and can be iffy. I have found that we go through our data a lot faster with me blogging so I am not sure what to do about that!

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    1. Nice to know someone else only gets 10 GB. I got upset because they said I used my 10 in 2 weeks and I have no idea what I did to use it any faster than a normal month. Oh well – here I sit 8 miles from home doing internet at my daughter’s house – for free. And I can chat with my daughter at the same time. Very nice.

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      1. Do you put your post together in a Word document then?
        Whenever we go to our kids we do all the updates for the computer.
        I do know that once we switched to Windows 10 our data use went up and over the top after that. I always wonder if some program is running in the background or something

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      2. I just compose my posts when I get to my daughter’s house. My daughter gets 1,000 GB a month and is on AT&T optic cable. She lives in town. I have windows 10 and often things do run in the background that I do not know about. My daughter says you can turn the programs in the background off – but it is hard to find and do that. You go through your control panel somehow.

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  4. I totally agree with you Peggy, such a shame that is the only Internet you can get where you are. Ours is a monthly agreement, but unlimited usage. But I do turn off the modem for days at a time.. Its like turning a switch within my head.. as I allow myself not to get caught in the trap of feeling obliged to be on WP.. I am not on FB, but I will log in now and again to see if I have any urgent emails. and it does free up so much of your time..
    This week I have been Wimbledon watching tennis.. and Knitting at the same time.. So got lots done..
    I am about to tune in now for another match.. 😀 so will catch up with your latest post when Im next here..
    Sending LOVE and love your Echinacea plant, I think that is..??? am I right?
    Lots of LOVE Sue xxx

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    1. Unlimited internet time would be worth paying for. Thanks for your comments Sue. The flower was an echinacea plant. Always nice to get away from WP for a day now and then. Glad you are enjoying the tennis matches. I watch them now and then. Love to you Sue. xxx

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