One Wet Day

It had been raining, but seemed to move out of our area after dropping 3 inches of rain. As it began to clear we saw a beautiful sunrise.   We decided to take a ride up North toward Paradise Road.  A beautiful road, with daisies and flowers growing in the road ditches.




Well, we found the rain in the North and picture taking was out of the question; for quite some time.  In fact, seeing where we were going was quite a feat.


But . . .  After the rain began to fall less and less, we saw the most colorful and beautiful rainbow we had seen in a long time.



The clouds were so white and fluffy in the sky as we drove along.


This is the stretch of road near our house.  On the left side of the highway, among the big trees in the center of this picture is Home Sweet Home.  What a glorious day to be out in nature. Despite the rain, it was a relaxing and enjoyable ride.



32 thoughts on “One Wet Day

  1. Such a beautiful Rainbow capture Peggy.. The rain is lashing down here today too.. But as in the storms of Life that bring about rainbows.. Nature shows us in many ways..
    May we never stop looking for rainbows amidst the Storms of Life..
    Beautiful photos.. Enjoy your week Peggy..
    Much Love your way xx

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      1. Ours are only just coming into flower here.. But you can be sure loads will be picked and eaten when they are ripe..
        Its a little brighter today.. It rained so hard yesterday.. It was reported that in some parts of Scotland we visited they had a months rainfall in one day yesterday.. 😦
        Hubby has gone to see if all is still standing in the allotments.. He had to cover up again the Courgettes and squashes as the wind about ripped them out of the ground..
        Trees were felled too with high winds .. The weather is certainly unpredictable and I feel reflects the emotions of us humans.. As we are ALL ONE in my view..
        Sending Love, Enjoy those Blackberries 🙂 xxx ❤

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      1. We had rain earlier and now it is unseasonably hot, sunny and windy. Not a good combo for crops. This is usually our storm season but it is a weird one this time around. They talk a slight chance for tonite so I am praying!!

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  2. Lovely to have caught up again with you Peggy.. I have lots of lovely photos to share too on our visit to Chatsworth flower show. 🙂 Life for us gardeners I know is busy busy right now.. And since being inspired by the Show, we have also done a little make over on our own back garden..
    Its been Fathers Day here too and my hubbies birthday yesterday.. It was a special one his big Seven O.. and we had family around at the weekend so its been full on..
    Hope all is well with you, and your weather and stormy season has been kind to you..
    Sending you lots of love your way.. We certainly need to keep spreading it around..
    Love and hugs
    Sue ❤ xx

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    1. Hi Sue – thanks for all your comments. Happy 70 to your hubby. Picking all our yearly berries is keeping us very busy. Last year we picked 120 gallons, 60 blackberries and 60 blueberries. Takes hours and hours, one berry at a time. The Tornadoes were close to us last night, but died down and nothing was damaged. The state of Alabama got hit hard. All from Tropical Storm Cindy that came from the gulf coast, through Louisiana. Love and hugs to you Sue – will check out all the lovely flowers you saw at the flower show. xoxo

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      1. 🙂 yes no one knows how hard it is to pick and prep berries, lol.. I so know you understand, our blackberries are not ready yet.. The early raspberries and loganberries are ripening rapidly, and I did another few trays like the one in the picture on the redcurrents.. I never think to weigh them.. But that is alot of berries you pick.. 🙂
        Glad the storms missed you.. Today its very windy here, and stripping all the leaves off trees.. Many turning, I feel Autumn will be here sooner this year too.. But at least I slept last night as it was much cooler..
        And yes sorting out the photo’s to start showing in my next post this weekend.. 🙂 It was just a wonderful Day.. 🙂

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      2. 🙂 yes I do.. I was thankful this morning hubby took himself off extra early to water, and came home with several pounds of raspberries and the some gooseberries.. which has saved my arms from getting scratched.. ( I am also sensitive to the raspberries leaves and those of Kidney beans, they make my arms come up in a rash when I make contact..) So doubly happy 🙂

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      3. I just picked the raspberries, but I am not allergic to them. All of our blackberries are thorn less – otherwise I could not pick them. That was nice of your husband to help you. My husband has been picking blueberries today and I have been bagging and freezing them. Have a nice day Sue.

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