Did You Ever Wish . . .

Did you ever wish you had a small, hidden cabin somewhere deep in the woods?  A place to go and hide from the world that is out of control.  A world of hate, killings, lies, and problems. There would be no computers, cellphones, television in this cabin – no way to communicate with the outside world.  There would be an old rocking chair on a rustic old porch, a beautiful scene spread before your eyes.  A scene with trees, animals, a babbling stream, quiet and absolute peacefulness.  The only device I would possess in this charming place would be my digital camera.  You could learn from the animals of the forest; learn how to share this world and coexist with other creatures.  Ah – to dream the impossible dream!

I took a 3 day break from my computer during Mother’s Day weekend.  I ventured into nature, I read my Bible more, I watched less t.v and tried to forget the daily world news. I felt happier, I actually accomplished outside and inside chores.   I found the world I use to live in – the one where you interact (face to face) with others.  I sat under the apple tree for long periods of time: talking with my husband and watching the garden grow.  I plan to back away from technology and post on wordpress once a week from this point forward.  I like sitting in the rocking chair, from time to time, and just daydreaming.

These little flies are enjoying nature, sharing a flower, face to face.




38 thoughts on “Did You Ever Wish . . .

    1. Oh, my husband and I could live in that cabin without electricity or even a road going to the cabin. Park your car at a friend’s house far away and walk in. I think my husband would have made a good mountain man in the 1800s Ha


  1. Vicki

    I know what you mean about face to face..something we used to take for granted that is fast disappearing, sad to say. In this crazy world, it is peaceful to take a break and back away.

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  2. Absolutely! I would love to have my own beach house, complete with a private beach, so I could do yoga next to the ocean. Someday.
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Unplugging and spending quality time with our loved ones is so important. ❤

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  3. Light Ministry Blog

    I wondered why I hadn’t seen you for a while…now I know. You enjoy your life which God has blessed you with. We do get all wrapped up in “techy stuff” and the concerns of the world at times don’t we! Well, you just say hi whenever you can, Peggy…


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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        Great! Glad you’re not giving it up completely. And you are right about the techy stuff…to think of someone without a cell phone these days is unimaginable! How did we ever get along in life before them? Lol…

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      2. Light Ministry Blog

        That is great. To escape the “tech monster” and enjoy a day without him is great. We used to do that every day of our lives…and not all that long ago, (as just now, my wife’s phone signaled an incoming text…Lol). Oh well.

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  4. I just got back from a trip. Didn’t take my tablet or laptop. I did have my phone but I disabled all the internet/apps off of it long time ago. It was nice not having to deal with all the noise. Did a lot of hiking and site seeing. Just enjoyed each other and the sights. It was perfect 🙂

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  5. Love this! My husband’s family has a little cabin in the woods, far away from anyone. We go there whenever we need to get away from all the business of life. There is no electricity or running water there and there is an outhouse up the hill. Love that you sat and watched your garden grow.

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      1. The outhouse is a pretty great trade off for the view. Gorgeous country there. I don’t mind it much. Lots of stars at night if I wake up and have to “go”. 🙂

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  6. Yes Peggy.. I often WISH… We were much happier without technology.. for while it is a wonderful tool in many ways of uniting us.. It is also a tool for spreading Fear, . Only Bad news is broadcast.. and there are many Great deeds being done which are good which if shared could change the mindsets of many people.. To help promote the Feel Good Factor.. But alas, we are not supposed to feel good.. are we?????

    I do not blame you one bit… retreating from technology..
    I was back home from Scotland several days and the modem stayed switched off on the wall.. I was reluctant to put it back on.. It took a lot of will power to connect again even with WP.. Then the Bombings not that far from us prompted me to write.. In tribute..

    During the Summer I am always here on WP less.. When the sun is out, that is where you will find me.. Out in nature.. Its so rewarding.. and delivers PEACE..

    May we both find our Cabins of Peacefulness Peggy.. and sit on the swing.. or rocking chair.. and watch the world from our perspectives.

    Love and warm hugs your way..
    Sue xx ❤

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    1. Sue – I wish you much more time to retreat into the real world and enjoy your life without technology. Your blog is so busy with comments – and I admire you, because you answer everyone. Sometimes I am short on time and I just say thank you or push like. I did not comment on your last post, because I knew you had too much catching up to do. I have almost disconnect my internet net service several times in the last year. I do enjoy your blog and several other nice ladies I became friends with. Some people post 4 or 5 posts per day and I cannot keep up with them and lately I have not checked out all of their posts. So – go out in nature, soak up the sun, and love every minute of it! Love n hugs to you Sue. My Mother-in-law’s name was Sue and I loved her dearly. You are a dear person too and I feel we are kindred spirits. 🙂

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      1. Yes I can not keep up with those who post so many either.. and do not try.. You usually find many click our follow buttons only to disappear for good. 😉 And I know how much you too are connected to nature and your growing season.. So do not ever worry about not commenting upon any of my posts.. I know we catch up when we catch up.. I appreciate the time you share.. And I usually log in later in the afternoon after most of the gardening is done or later in the evening.. Many thanks dear Peggy.. I always feel connected to your Spirit my friend.. And feel your true friendship..
        Much Love and enjoy your day.. ❤


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