Wet Weather


Those of us who live in the “Tornado Belt” of the U.S. know what Spring holds in store for us concerning bad weather.  Sometimes Arkansas dodges the bullet and the storms leave our state before they become violent.  We were not so lucky Saturday, April 29.  We had 6 inches of rain, tornadoes, hail, wind, flooding, power outages, damaged property, human injury and death.  I can’t understand why any of us decide to reside in an area that has such wild weather.  My excuse is that I married an Arkie – I truly would prefer to live in the Western U.S.

The saddest tragedy concerning the 6 deaths we had in the state was the following story: A mother was out driving with her 2 young children, she ventured into flood water with her automobile.  Her car began to float away when the swift water became too deep.  The mother had to make a choice and she managed to swim ashore, but her 4 year old and 18 month old were still buckled up in the back seat.  She could not save her children as the water rushed into her car.  They have not found the car or the children at this time.  The police on the news who say this is not a rescue, they know it is now a recovery, have tears in their eyes as they talk of this incident.  We all know this mother is probably blaming herself; she will never be able to forget what happened; she will grieve for her children the rest of her life; depression will be the center of her life for a very long time. Each time I hear a story like this it brings sorrow to my heart and soul – I do not know what words could be said that would bring this mother comfort.

The morning the clouds from this storm began to build up over our state –  the sun managed to peek out for 30 seconds.  I was looking out the kitchen window, saw the sun, grabbed my camera, and got these two photos through the window – and then the sun was gone from sight.



The rain came and in 12 hours we had a total of 6 inches of rain often mixed with hail. The wind blew leaves from the trees and limbs began to fall.  It is never uncommon in these storms to have a death from limbs or entire trees falling on a home.


Roads were washed away; roads were closed; farmer’s field with planted crops were flooded causing serious financial loss.

IMG_2081 (1)


Life on this earth is often rough and very sorrowful.  I will leave you with this scripture: II Corinthians 1: 3-4 “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”




31 thoughts on “Wet Weather

  1. What a heartbreaking story. My family and I recently had a tornado touch down just north of us; we could hear the tornado siren blaring outside, and we all had to huddle together (there were five of us) in a small closet, which was the safest place in our house. Tornados have scared me since I was little, but I know that the Lord is protecting us, and that He has a plan for us.

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    1. It is good to have a fear of tornadoes – they are terrible. They have struck areas very near to us several times this Spring. It is heartbreaking to lose your children as this mother did. Closets are good areas to hide from tornadoes. Have friends that hid in a closet and that was all that was left of their house when the storm was over. Stay safe Maggie and God bless you and your family.

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  2. Gorgeous photos, Peggy. ❤ I too would love to live in the Western U.S., but my husband's field of expertise resides here in Ohio. While we tend to get a few tornadoes our way, it is nothing compared to what you all deal with every year in the Tornado Belt. The story you shared is tragic and my heart breaks for the mother and her family.
    I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the first responders and public safety officials who risk their own lives trying to save others every single day. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your comments. The first responders and others who help are truly heroes. So many of them lose their lives trying to save others. I am glad you are in an area that has less violent weather. God bless.

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  3. Texas and Mississippi caught it hard, too. So sad to see the damage and hear about the tragic deaths. God is with us, even in the floods and tornados. Glad you’re ok!

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    1. Thank you. Flooding is a big problem now as the rivers are at record high flood stage. They found the boy’s body yesterday evening, but not his little sister. Their grandfather spoke about them yesterday and it was heart wrenching. Thanks for your prayers.

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    1. Thanks Pete. They found the body of the little 4 year boy yesterday evening. They have not found the little 18 mo. old girl yet. It is sad. Rivers are cresting 12 to 13 feet above flood stage today. Such a tragedy.

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  4. PaperPuff

    Sadly I think you are absolutely right about the mother and the impact this will have on her. Nobody knows how they will react in a situation until it happens. Stay safe.

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  5. Light Ministry Blog

    Great post, Peggy. Sad story about the mother and the lost children. I know how wild your weather can get, my sister lives in Texas. She gets a lot of rain, but the tornados seem to skip around her…and into Oklahoma. Some dangerous territory out there!


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  6. Sometimes there are no answers this side of heaven. My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones. I hurt for those whose livelihood has been affected by the weather. It can be so hard.
    Your pictures are incredible and really capture it all.

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  7. I wipe away Tears and my heart aches for this young mother in your post dear Peggy.. Such tragic events.. And the weather is getting wilder.. ALL over the world.. I would not like to live where you do with these huge storms that now seem more frequent and more violent.. Stay safe my friend.. And my prayers are being sent out.. xxx

    on a lighter note the pictures of the Sun are magnificent.. xxx ❤

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    1. Was amazed I saw and managed to capture the photo of the sun on that stormy day. Yes Sue the weather becomes more violent every day. We lost one more person in floods – brought it up to 7 deaths in Arkansas. I had tears in my eyes and I still do for that Mother that lost her babies. They found the little boy’s body, but have not found his little sister. The grandfather spoke on t.v, about his grandchildren and it was so sad. Thanks for your prayers. The flooding here in this state is at a record high – the poor farmers have lost their crops – oh my. xoxo hugs to you Sue

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      1. Flooding has I think happened in most parts of the world.. We had it bad in the UK the other year and certain parts keep being repeatedly flooded out with homes just getting back to living in after a year of drying out and repairs were re-flooded again.. Thankfully we live on top of a large hill.. But when it rains it no longer rains its torrential.. Sending thoughts your way and stay safe xx

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  8. Such sadness occurs with the unexpected. I know the fear of tornados from growing up in WV and now living in Va. we’ve had some near misses. It has always boggled my mind of how it can flatten a house and not touch the one next door. I’ve been very blessed to have never been brought down by its destruction but I know the fear. It’s bigger and more powerful than me but then I realize how much bigger and powerful God is, and always pray for His calming hand.
    Life on earth isn’t easy but my faith in Him sure does help.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Laura. I saw a program on pbs t.v. the other day that said tornadoes have more force and do more destruction than hurricanes and other forces of nature. Yes, we must never lose our faith in God.

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