Flowers Everywhere

You do not have to say a word when you post pictures of flowers – their beauty says it all!











43 thoughts on “Flowers Everywhere

    1. Thanks Sue. Would have answered sooner, but my satellite reception was out for 24 hours. Such a busy time of the year. Expecting bad storms today and Friday. Truly am tired of this tornado season. Hope you are managing to keep up with all your chores. xoxo 🙂

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      1. Hi Peggy. no worries on the getting back to answer on time.. I am often late in getting here and replying.. Just take care in those storms..
        We are having some wild weather too.. Thunder and hail.. I look some photos and will be posting about it and how we are protecting our tomatoes … Just uploading photos now.. When I saw your comment.. 🙂 Please look after yourselves.. ❤

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