Water’s Beauty

Thanks to my blogging friend Kris from Panama – showing her trip to the lovely ocean – I had to go to the lake.  Ha

These baby goslings can swim and dive 30 to 40 feet under water when they are one day old.  These goslings will follow anything that moves – dogs, ducks, humans.  The adult Canadian Geese live to be 10 to 25 years old and mate for life.

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23 thoughts on “Water’s Beauty

  1. Breath taking views Peggy.. So pleased you got to go visit the beauty of the Lake.. Water is so cleansing in that it refreshes our spirit when ever we are close to a large body of it..

    I watched a Documentary the other evening on a nature program.. A woman was the first some Geese saw… They were the sort with the orange beaks.. Cant think of their name. But she taught them to fly using a speed boat… The Wild life expert David Attenborourgh of Planet Earth fame.. was in the boat as the film crew filmed them flying in formation at head height.. Wonderful to see.. 🙂

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      1. Yes I am a Treky fan the first orginal cast though.. Not so much the last series. 🙂 lol.. Scotty and Doc Bones.. 🙂 hehe… I still remember the first episode and had all on convincing my Dad to let me watch it.. As he said it was rubbish.. He later got addicted to watching it.. LOL That had to be 1964 65 ish.. 🙂

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