Unique Country Finds

You never know what you will find when you drive the country roads.  I found a few unique items that I do not see very often.

I managed to see a couple of the older concrete silos that once were used to store grain. The first upright silo like this (made of wood) to store grain was made by Fred Hatch in Illinois in 1873.



You do not see many windmills in our area.  There are a lot of windmills in the West, especially across the panhandle of Texas.


I do not live in a fancy house, but this small house was quite a unique find.  I would need to have more windows and the refrigerator in the kitchen and not on the front porch.


The mailbox was so interesting.  This little cowboy was made of metal. The person who made this was quite a craftsman.


I have not seen a well like this since I was a child.  My grandmother had one on her Missouri farm.  My brothers and I use to let the wooden bucket down into the well and it took all 3 of us to get it back up; full of water.


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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        Well, my wife isn’t going anywhere. She is surrounded by her kids and grandkids and won’t budge. Stuck in this Godless state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ticks and chiggers, really? Wow, no thanks…


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      2. Light Ministry Blog

        I’ll bet it does. I couldn’t handle the humidity either. No, as much as I complain about Calif. the weather is always nice…

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      1. I told my husband that! We also have a large garden but cannot get into it yet as it keeps raining here.
        We probably just move slower now than before lol.
        Look on the bright side…..moving slower gives us time to look around and see what a great picture something would make!

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  1. Amazing what you can make a home out of.. And that mail box cowboy so unique.. And thank goodness for mains water supplies.. 🙂 I am ever thankful of the water on tap.. As I often think of those in Africa having to walk half a day and carry it on their backs and heads back home..

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  2. What fun, unique finds! My husband and I love taking the back, country roads whenever possible. It is truly amazing what you will see, especially when you get out of your own familiar area. I always love coming across unexpected bridges, spotting various wildlife that you may not always see, little creeks, etc. It’s always an adventure. 🙂

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    1. Yes, country roads are peaceful to venture down and they hold many unexpected things of interest. Plus there is less traffic, you can roll the windows down, and slowly travel along. Glad you and your husband get to enjoy country roads. 🙂

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