On Bended Knee

Was taking a drive through the country the other day and ran across this marvelous sign over the entrance to a ranch.


Made me think of this poem by S. D. Gordon

The greatest thing anyone can do for God and man is pray.

It is not the only thing, but the chief thing.

The great people of earth are the people who pray.

I do not mean those who talk about prayer;

Nor those who say they believe in prayer;

Nor yet those who can explain about prayer;

But, I mean those people who take the time to pray.

19 thoughts on “On Bended Knee

    1. Thanks Sue. Dodged the tornadoes last night – only 2 in Arkansas. One just West of us. Dallas, Texas was hit hard. More storms coming Sunday. Spring is usually like this here. Love n hugs to you Sue.

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    1. Thanks Faye. I have heard that saying about being on our knees. Must be from past generations. Have a good day – saw some rain trying to come your way on the weather report this morning.

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