Peace, Love, and Harmony

I guess everyone has sad memories in their lives.  I commend the bloggers I chose to be friends with – they seem to overcome tragedies and move on.  I do not generally mention my memories from 2012 – 2015, which were mostly like living in a nightmare.  Our preacher said the other day – “Ask God to forgive you for the sins and shortcomings in your lives, put them behind you, and move on.  God forgives you – forgive yourselves.” I had many shortcomings in those years due to overwhelming stress.  I did ask God to forgive me many, many times.  But it is funny how your mind will not let them go. My therapy for all of this was to go out into nature and photograph its beauty.  Even a simple puddle of water with reflections inspires me to see beauty.

If Man could learn to live their lives in contentment as the little birds do or the animals – what peace would fill your mind.  These small creatures go on with their lives and simply live in peace and harmony.  Man has never mastered the talent of all the small creatures that inhabit this world.  I guess all the violence and hate in this world is getting me down.  The tornadoes and storms that have damaged Arkansas and other states in the last few months has brought sorrow to my heart.  Sometimes you question why this world has to contain so much sorrow.  I do not blame God – I blame the actions of mankind on this earth.  America will be in a turmoil for 4 years over the actions of the Democrats and Republicans.  These two political parties are waging their own war against each other. Who is getting hurt in the cross fire (?) – the entire world.

I had no intention of writing all this – but I will say – Mankind needs to get their act together and straighten up.  None of the hate that transpires helps anyone.  God is not responsible for any of this turmoil – for God is love.  God gave man a free will to think for himself and mankind simply does not do what is pleasing in God’s sight.  Many need to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.  You could say mankind acts like they are little children.  I believe children are more mature than many adults in this world.

These little blue butterflies live in peace and harmony.


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  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Well put, Peggy, and so true. First, we do need to forgive ourselves of sins we commit and try to repent of them and not repeat them. We will, however, sin again because we are human. This is why our goal should be not to sin so much that it DEFINES our lives. Loving God and the grace we have for sins is our defining factor. Trying to do better in the future is our true goal in Christ Jesus…

    And yes, our country is headed apparently for some rough times. But God is in control and it is His will that is taking place. We must respect that fact, for His plans are higher than we can understand. We must as Christians understand and pray that His will be done, no matter what!


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  2. This is so very well said Peggy.. And yes each of our own actions are what cause reactions in the world.. Gods love has and is always constant..
    I am sorry to hear the storms have been so devastating..
    Nature is where I find Peace.. and Beauty.. And you sure found some beauty in those wonderful Butterflies Peggy xxx ❤

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    1. Thanks Sue. Wish mankind was more peaceful. Severe storms due tonight. Am spending hours this evening at my daughter’s house – she has a storm cellar. So sad how these storms destroy people’s lives.

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