And Springtime rallies at the touch of the breath of God.





The Redwing Blackbirds have returned to our area.  They are all in motion as they land in this tree.  This makes it impossible to capture them clearly.


I took this close up photo of the Redwing Blackbird in April of last year.



16 thoughts on “Springtime

      1. PaperPuff

        Oh no, the bugs are fine!! I just meant I liked the photos ins spite of some personal preference. Actually I love bees, and ladybugs (we call them ladybirds). Wasps and flies are not quite so welcome. But they all have a job to do!

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      2. PaperPuff

        Here, they seem to invade houses quite a lot, and in significant numbers. Looking for warmth in winter, apparently. There are a lot of ‘make a ladybird hotel’ instructions around. Basically it is a plastic drinks bottle with a few additions!

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  1. Everything is so much more forward where you are.. So lovely to see the Bees.. I think they are still sleeping soundly here.. I have not seen any, but just asking hubby and he said he saw a large one, the other day.. 🙂
    Beautiful birds and Blossoms.. 🙂 loved them.. xxx

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