Rain and Fog

In a 24 hour period we received 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.  Needless to say – I sank in the mud a few times as I ventured around the yard; capturing raindrops on flowers and objects.  The fog has been terrible for 2 days – which always happens when it rains in our area.  Mother Nature thinks it is Spring in this area, because every fruit tree is in bloom.

This bloom is from our peach tree.  Love the pink color that is covered in rain drops.


The following is from our plum trees and we have many plum trees (too many).


It is hard to see too far down the road with visibility so impaired due to fog.img_7794

The rain seemed to be coming down so fast and heavy – no one wanted to go outside.


The following is a bloom from the pear tree that stands near the back of our 3 acre yard.


The blackberry vines are putting on leaves.



We have small streams at the front and back of our property and they were moving swiftly and making a lot of noise.


I will leave you with one more pretty peach blossom and a photo of apple blossoms .I took the photo of the apple blossoms last Spring.



31 thoughts on “Rain and Fog

    1. Thanks Faye. Raindrops on objects always create nice photos. 🙂 A secret of sorts – do not do up close macro shots, get 40 or 50 feet away from your subject and zoom in (this shows the detail better and clearer). Took awhile to learn that. Fog here again today, tired of fog. xoxo

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      1. My mouth just fell open! Thanks for the great advice. I was always trying to get up real close. We have been having glorious days but they are done now and they tell us that we can expect 12-18 inches of snow over the weekend. I guess I am in Iowa after all!

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      2. Hate the freeze they say is coming here this weekend. Our blueberries are about to bloom. This freeze may ruin our chances for any blueberries this year. Oh, snow – I hope that you do not get any of that. Guess we all really wanted an early Spring.

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      3. we had a few flurries already this morning and it has turned a lot colder. I suspect the weather man is going to be right this time.
        That is so sad about your blueberries. We are supposed to get down to 9 degrees a couple nights again. I really really wanted an early Spring.


  1. Wow.. it seems every thing is thinking Spring is well on the way.. I hope these early blossoms do not get into difficulties if the weather takes a sharp turn. I did take a photo on my walk this morning of a cherry blossom in bloom, a left over from someones garden I think.. Also lots of snow drops and my crocus’s are out on my back garden where it gets more Sun, yet they are struggling to push through on the front garden where its not so sunny..

    We had Storm Doris mid week with hurricane force winds of upto 90 mph.. in places across the Midlands where I live.. Thankfully our fences stood up and our greenhouse is still standing… Others were not so lucky.. As it felled trees and one poor lady lost her life..

    I hope you have a restful Sunday Peggy xxx

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    1. Spider webs are fantastic when covered in rain drops. Rain on pine needles is beautiful. I always take my camera outside after a rain. Have fun exploring the beauty in nature after it rains 🙂


  2. Fantastic shots! 😍 The fog ones look so hauntingly beautiful. 🙂 Love the blooms! I hope that the frost didn’t ruin the chances of us having fruit. Our trees are still blooming, except for the apple tree; apparently the apple is waiting for spring to officially be here before putting out blooms. XD My blueberry is getting leaves as well. 😊

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      1. Oh, that’s good! I was a bit worried about it. 🙂

        That’s great! 🙂 I hope to actually get blueberries this year; I moved it to a sunnier location because it wasn’t doing well in part shade.

        🙂 And thank you for posting such lovely photos of God’s creation. ♥

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      2. That explains why I’ve had a stick for the past couple of years instead of a bush. XD Hopefully the full sun will bring it around. 🙂

        Wow, that’s neat! 🙂 Does that mean you also get to pick your Yellow Delicious apples before your Gala apples?
        I wonder when the Granny Smith will bloom…

        🙂 ♥ And thanks for replying back to all of them!

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